Thursday, February 28, 2008

Your body is trying to tell you something!

Have you ever had a sore throat that just wouldn’t go away? A tennis elbow? Or some other chronic physical concern? Maybe your body is trying to tell you something deeper about what is going on. After all, mindbody is one system, and so your body expresses what is going on at an emotional level, especially if you are not consciously aware of your feelings.

I used to have sore throats all the time; in fact, a sore throat was how I knew an episode of my CFDIS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome) was imminent. I eventually learned that a sore throat was caused, on a very real if non-physical level, by something I wasn’t saying. The words were literally sticking in my throat and making it sore. So I began to ask myself, “what am I not saying? And to whom?” When I figured out the answer to those two questions, and did something about it (either saying what I needed to say to the appropriate person, or at least imagining myself doing that), then the sore throat went away in a matter of minutes! In fact, I began to head off the worst episodes of CFIDS with this technique — I’d either stop them in their tracks or make them pretty mild and short-lived.

This is true for sudden, one off issues, too. If you’ve ever broken an ankle, for instance, you’ll probably realize that, at that time, you had an issue around moving forward and/or your direction in life. Think back to any serious medical issues you’ve ever had, or that anyone close to you has ever had, and you’ll see this sort of parallel.

So if something is not working right in your body, ask yourself what deeper issue it might represent. Think about ‘organ language’, which is the use of body parts or functions in everyday language, and see what turns up. So if you have, say, a cough, and the words, “cough it up” come to mind, ask yourself what you need to ‘cough up’ or let go of. Answer that question, and then let go — and see if the cough goes away on its own.

Here’s another resource: Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, has a terrific directory for this. The directory lists body parts, as well as dis-eases, along with potential meanings for them and possible affirmations to use to heal them. In my experience of using this directory with friends and clients over the years, the meanings are very good clues to what is going on at a deeper level, while the affirmations really need to be tailored to the individual.

Siddhis along the path

Siddhi (Sanskrit:सिद्धिः; siddhiḥ) is a Sanskrit word that literally means "accomplishment", "attainment", or "success". It is also used as a term for spiritual power (or psychic ability). The term is used in that sense in Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. These spiritual powers supposedly vary from relatively simple forms of clairvoyance to being able to levitate, to be present at various places at once, to become as small as an atom, to materialize objects, to have access to memories from past lives, and more.
- from Wikipedia


Last August, I went to the “Ambassador to the Universe” training held by Dr. Stephen Greer, up at Mt. Shasta. Dr. Greer, who opened TM centers for the Maharishi before he became an M.D., specializing in emergency medicine, is an amazing clairvoyant, channel, etc., as well as being very tough and focused on helping humanity change its future to one of sustainability. (You can check out his websites, and .)

Many amazing things happened at the workshop (which I wrote about at ). But something else happened that I didn’t mention, because it didn’t seem that important at the time. Dr. Greer did a puja and gave each of us our personal mantra. Of course, it was the same mantra for each of us, one of the four standard TM ones, but with a difference. Dr. Greer had channeled that those mantras were originally sung, and that when the notes that went with the words were lost, much of the power of the mantras was lost, as well. And he had channeled the ‘tune’ for one of the mantras. This is the one he gave each of us, to be sung to ourselves.

After I got back from Mt. Shasta, someone in his office emailed me an .mp3 file of the mantra, sung over and over with a background of Tibetan bowls. I put this on my iPod, both on its own and as a background for my personal affirmations. I began to listen to one or the other every day while I walked. And after a while, I noticed that the mantra generated an energy that swirled around me, sort of like a controlled tornado, though with a difference — the energy seemed to swirl both in and out simultaneously, in the same direction.


In December, my husband and I hosted a friend, Mark Macy, for a couple of free lectures on his specialty, instrumental transcommunication, that is, using electronic instruments to communicate with the ‘dead’. He uses a tool called a Luminator to make this communication easier. Mark was kind enough to open up the Luminator for me, and it appears to generate an electromagnetic field at a particular frequency (though I couldn’t tell you which frequency). This field felt so strong to me that when he first turned on the machine, it felt like I had put my finger in a light socket! But he turned it down, and I got used to it. (For more info on those lectures, with photos, please go to ).

As I got used to it, something amazing happened. I was 'shown' what happens when you 'die'. I did not have the experience of the tunnel that most near-death experiencers describe (not that I was near death in any way), but doors opened from my heart and I came out on a beautiful landscape, which I was told was different for each person. After a few moments of enjoying that, I was showered with a beautiful green light that permeated me, and then a beautiful yellow or golden light that did the same. After a while, that faded away, and I was back in the beautiful landscape, but this time, there were thousands of 'people' there. (I think this is the welcoming party that everyone talks about.) I was at a distance, hovering in the sky, looking at the assembled group, but I noticed that if I asked for someone, they'd sort of come to the front of the group, or perhaps I zoomed in to them. I was given to understand that in a way, this 'party' is somewhat holographic, as if each soul sent a hologram of a part of itself that I would recognize, not necessarily that the whole soul was there.

Then it occurred to me that I could use the technique to ask my higher self to come to the front of the group. It worked! And I had a conversation with my higher self (not sure this makes sense, but oh, well). It’s apparently a great joke that my higher self, which is HUGE in some sense, has to fit into my 5’3” physical body (perhaps this explains why I’ve always wanted to be taller). So the next time I tried it, not only did I ask my higher self to come to the fore, but I also walked into my higher self, so that I’m inside it/me.


I was at a business building workshop recently, and had a couple of amazing experiences. First, as I did a pair exercise with another woman, looking into her eyes, I watched as her 3rd eye popped open (briefly) and later, watched iridescent wings unfold from her back. She said she felt quite good, very peaceful, but wasn’t aware of these things. But I don’t think I’m making them up, because I was pretty surprised. The word, “Namaste” (roughly translated as “the god in me salutes the god in you”), has a much more literal meaning for me now!

But here’s the amazing thing. After the formal classes, we were offered an optional session of “being coaching”. Basically, this was role playing on stage, with the trainer periodically stopping the action to coach the participants. I was up on stage quite late on Saturday night (10:45 PM). Most of the group had gone home, so there were perhaps 25 people left. There was a really nice group field from the work we’d all done supporting each other that day and in the ‘being coaching’ session. Another woman and I were being coached, and the coach, along with the audience said to me, ‘there’s something wild about you and we want to see more of it.’ Well, there is absolutely nothing wild about me, which I said. To which the coach replied, there’s a hurricane around you.

I know what that energy is — it’s the energy from the sung mantra. So I said I knew what it was, that it was more of a tornado, that it wasn’t me, but if everyone wanted to see more of it, that’s what they’d get. So I stood at the front of the stage, invited my higher self to come to the fore, and sang the mantra silently to myself.

People started to cry. One woman, directly in front of me about 12 feet away, began to shake and cry. It felt quite normal and natural in my body, and I wasn’t in trance or anything, just being me, with the mantra going, could even talk a little. It’s easy. I’m very clear that the energy isn’t mine, although it does come through me. I was pretty wired for a few hours after that, though, even though my usual bedtime is 8:30PM lately.

The next morning, I asked the woman who’d been shaking what had happened to her, she said she’d been in a lot of physical pain, and felt a cool mist rain down on her, felt the pain leave her body, and that the tears were tears of relief, joy and gratitude. Three other people, all of whom said they don’t normally see auras told me they’d seen a color around me — for two of them it was golden light behind or around me, while another saw blue above my head. Another three people asked me to come speak at their groups. When I asked what about, one woman said she didn’t care, “just do what you do”. Yet another came up to me and said, “after last night, I’d follow you anywhere.”

I’m under no illusion that I am in any way unique — this energy is available to all -- and wow, how cool is that?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quote of the Day

"When you possess the courage-- or blunt, gourd-smacking stupidity-- to be totally candid, you silently amass thousands of allies. It's the "me too" effect. As Steven Morrissey (Esq., Demigod) says, there is no such thing in life as normal. And if you walk around pretending to be normal, hiding your scars and incisions and putrescing wounds, you only further the Conspiracy of Normal, which exists to make us all feel like shit."
- Brook Busey aka Diablo Cody

Friday, February 15, 2008

To-do List for the next 36 hours

1. Write curriculum for NLP class at Hypnotherapy Center
2. 3 client sessions
3. Assorted other calls
4. Write class for Document Preparers
5. Make hummus and cook peppers and onions for a friend, who's coming to dinner
6. Save the world - details later
7. H.U.B. meeting

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Earth's Valentine

Although Valentine's Day is traditionally thought of in terms of lovers showing their devotion to each other, we can recast it as a time to remember our love for any of our fellow humans (the difficult woman at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, perhaps?), or fellow creatures on the planet (pets, birds, squirrels), or even the planet itself.

So today, recognize how important that tree outside your window is to you (you need it to breathe), or how much you appreciate the sun (we couldn't live without it!) or even how important bacteria are (you need them to digest your food). A little appreciation goes a long way!

(The image above, Earth's Valentine, was made completely of unretouched photos of a red camellia, jasmine leaves (yes, they turn red in autumn if they're in the shade), and red clover leaves.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What NLP has taught for decades finally hits the mainstream

Psychology - Mimicry - Persuasion - How to Build Rapport - New York Times

Stay out of the mall when you're feeling blue!

New research shows that people who are sad spend more than people who aren't.

Sadness may encourage more extravagance - Yahoo! News

This explains the trap of credit card debt for many people. Spend money, feel better. Look at the bill, feel bad. Spend money, feel better. Look at the bill, feel bad. Spend money, feel better. Ad infinitum... or until you're drowning in debt.