Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breathe the Free Air of Earth

I go for a several mile long beach hike every year on my birthday, which happens in early summer. It's a time for meditation, reflection on the past year, and looking forward to the next year. This year's hike was a time for healing in a way I'd never imagined (but more about that in a future email). Before the healing, though, I was meditating as I walked, just noticing what was around me: the sun, the sound of the surf, the light on the waves, the birds feeding, and feeling the regular rhythm of my body walking. My mind was clear; I wasn't consciously thinking at all.

"Breathe the free air of Earth" popped into my mind. I know I didn't make it up because I really wasn't thinking. I was puzzled as to its meaning, but then the healing started, and so my attention was directed elsewhere.

A few days later, I was riding BART (Bat Area Rapid Transit). The train was at a place above ground where you could see the San Francisco Bay, the maze of freeways and the Port of Oakland, all of which are quite impressive in a 'modern, industrial life meets nature' sort of way. I was enjoying that when "Breathe the free air of Earth" popped into my mind again. I know I didn't make it up, because my conscious mind was thinking about transportation systems.

Since it happened twice, I knew I was supposed to pay attention to it, but I still didn't know what it meant. Given the recent revelations about the NSA's spying on all of us so completely, etc., I thought perhaps something had changed so that we were free. I asked my guides for clarification. No such luck; we are not yet free.

Things are changing, slowly, behind the scenes. See this for more info (I don't trust much of what is written these days, but David Wilcock's writings are generally well-researched. The most recent post is the least well-researched of his stuff, but he does pose some very interesting 'questions'.) My guides tell me that we are all asked to say this affirmation as a way to support the global changes:


Please use it often:
  • meditate on it
  • use it as an affirmation
  • use it as a greeting
  • sign your emails with it
  • post it on Twitter
  • ask your friends to use it
  • be creative (I'd love to see a song with this as the refrain!)

Thank you for anything you do.