Monday, June 25, 2012

Doing the right thing?

Every now and then, the universe tells you that you're doing the right thing. The affirmation can come in many ways -- a song on the radio that echoes what you've been thinking (especially if it's a rarely played oldie), your eye being drawn to something that you've passed a million times but never noticed, or something a complete stranger says. I think what happened to me on Saturday was one of those.

I was in the (long) checkout line at a big box store, when a young woman approached me to say she was opening a new register and would I please start a new line at her check stand.

As I waited for the register to come online, she gestured to a small plaque she had propped up by the screen, and said to the packing guy, with a perplexed smile, "Look what they just gave me! I'm happy, but look at it!" And she showed me the plaque, as well. It was an engraved wooden plaque, which read

Employee of the Month

 2011? It's already June of 2012!

Then she asked, "What do I do? Do I refuse it? I don't want to do that, I'm proud to be Employee of the Month. But I don't want this." 

The packing guy looked confused, too.

I suggested that she go to whomever gave her the plaque and say, "Thanks so much! I'm glad you think enough of me to make me Employee of the Month. And I'm such a good employee that I noticed what's wrong with the plaque." And turn the plaque to them with a huge smile. And wait, because it was really hard to miss that "2011".

Now this may seem a little odd, but I take that happening to me as a sign that I'm doing the right thing doing my radio advice show, and that I should keep on keeping on.

Does this happen to you? How? I'd love to hear stories of how you know you're on the right track.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Join me at the Dowsers' Conference!

I'll be teaching people how to look into the future for themselves this July 7 - 9 at the West Coast Dowsers' Conference. Come play with me! :)

I always love participating in the Dowsers' Conferences, because they feel like home, a real community of psychics, or at least people who are open to psychic information. There are a million ways to get that info - some of which involve the use of a pendulum, called dowsing. (Since I don't use a pendulum, I didn't think of myself as a dowser, till it was explained to me that they're open to all modes of getting info.)

Plus I always learn something -- and that's a real draw for me. Last time, I bent a spoon, which is ridiculously easy. So did pretty much everyone else in the room! And I was part of a group where we took turns lifting each other. 4 of us repeatedly lifted a 5th person with just our joined forefingers! And one of those guys was HUGE. Obviously, psychokinesis is real.

Come play with all of us! Hope you can make it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are you psychic? 8 ways to tell

Every time I 'read' a new client, I look at their ability to get information intuitively aka psychically. Lately I've had a few who were quite psychic, but didn't know that, and were uncomfortable with it. All they knew was they knew or felt things that they weren't 'supposed' to know. At the end of our session, one of these clients said, 'thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy'.

So I thought I'd give you the most common ways people experience their psychic abilities, when they don't know the abilities are psychic abilities -- the things that make people think they're crazy.  Often people experience more than one, but it's rare for someone to have ALL of them. I'm listing them in the order of the chakras with which they're associated. For more on the chakras, go here.
  • I'm jumpy for 'no reason' - You might get psychic information in your first chakra, which is normally concerned with survival stuff (health, money, etc.). The problem is that when you're getting psychic information here, this information may not be about you. So when you feel nervous or jumpy, you have to ask yourself, "Is this even about me?" If the answer is yes, deal with it yourself. If the answer is no, then sit with it, and see if the information becomes more specific. If you can't get anything more specific, let it go and relax.
  • I can feel other people's feelings -This is a classic example of a wide open 2nd chakra. To some degree, we are all wired for this (using mirror neurons) and it is definitely stronger in some people than in others. For many, this is a good thing. But for some people, others' feelings hijack your own life. There are things you can do to stop this, but a written description won't suffice.
  • I can feel the energy of a place - This is similar to feeling others' feelings -- except no mirror neurons are involved. Back when I was opening up psychically, I attended a Sunday open house of a house that was for sale, on the recommendation of my realtor. Though the house had all the features I was looking for, I was so creeped out by the feeling of the place that I literally ran out in under 2 minutes. The next day, the realtor told me that the house was owned by a fugitive who was wanted for murder.
  • I have these internal arguments - And it's not just yes/no or should/shouldn't. There are multiple lines of argument from different points of view. I suggest that in this case, you are probably hearing your guides' points of view. There are things you can do to work with this, and turn it into an asset rather than an annoyance, but a written description won't suffice. This is a throat (5th) chakra ability.
  • I can hear other people's thoughts or or see other people's pictures - Have you ever had a thought, and then had it immediately contradicted by another? Many years ago, my (now ex) husband went out of town on a business trip while I moved house for us. The new place was closer to the airport than the old one. When I picked him up at SFO, he said he wanted to drive, which was fine with me. As we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, I pictured in my mind our new exit, and driving to our new home. Immediately afterwards, an image of the old exit came into my mind. I said, "No, we've moved, we're getting off at the Sausalito exit." To which he replied, "Thanks." (I was so sure that I'd seen his picture that I never even asked him. And I was right, because he wasn't even surprised when I corrected him.) My example is a third eye (6th chakra) one, but hearing others' thoughts is either throat chakra or crown (7th) chakra  ability.
  • I get images of the future, places I've never been, people I've never met - Classic clairvoyance (third eye)! The problem with these is that you don't know what the images are until later. It's important to remember these (even keep notes), so that when they show up in real life, you'll understand (a) that you 'saw' this stuff earlier and (b) learn what sorts of things/people/ places/events you tend to foresee.
  •  I 'just know' stuff - I 'just know' what someone else is thinking, or who's on the other end of the phone when I pick it up (and no, Caller ID doesn't count). Again, this is a crown chakra ability, which is direct mind to mind communication. When it's with a living human, it's called telepathy. When it's with a discarnate being, it's called channeling.
  • I have precognitive dreams -  This is often astral travel, which is sending your consciousness to other places and/or times. Sometimes (though this will feel completely different, and is not technically a dream), it's actually leaving your body to go to another point in space/time.
If you do any of these things, and want to learn more about your abilities and/or practice them in a safe setting, please send me an email. I'm thinking of doing my teleseminar series again, beginning in August. It will be twice a month, for about 1 1/4 hours/class, at 5:30PM PT. I am taking votes on whether Tuesdays or Thursdays are preferable. Please let me know which day you prefer.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Technologically Mediated Relationship

No, I'm not talking about sex toys! :)

A friend told me this story:

"My Mom and I have never had the best of relationships, but in the past few years, it's gotten a LOT worse. She's had a hearing problem, which she really didn't want to acknowledge.  I knew she had a problem, because when I got to her house, if she had the TV on, just walking into the house hurt my ears.

"Our interactions would go like this:

"I'd say something in my normal, conversational voice. She'd accuse me of speaking too softly, and get angry. This would be true, even if someone else, like my husband, were in the room, and could hear me clearly. I'd get angry right back, because I knew that I was speaking normally, and she 'should' be able to hear me. That is, I knew it was her problem, and I was angry that she was making it my problem, rather than owning it herself.

"It's not that I didn't try to speak more loudly. It was hard to remember to do it, and even when I did, I practically had to scream in order for her to hear me. That alone made me angry, because I normally only raise my voice when I get angry. That is, my body associates using a loud voice with being angry, and so just speaking loudly would tend to make me angry.

"Even worse, she could understand my husband better than she understood me.Yes, he'd speak a tiny bit more loudly than usual -- but he was definitely not screaming. So of course he was doing something right, and I was not speaking up just to spite her.

"I broached the subject of hearing aids, and getting her hearing tested, several times. Each time she pooh-poohed the idea for a different reason: my hearing is fine, they're too expensive, they don't really help, because you hear so much other noise that they're confusing, etc.

"One night, we all went to my cousin's house for a family dinner. There were 7 of us there, and 6 of us were having a wonderful time, chatting and laughing at the table. I sat across from my mother, and could see her bewilderment. Clearly she couldn't follow us. After dinner, I said to her, THIS is why you need hearing aids. And she actually heard me -- both literally and figuratively!

"As it happens, my cousin has some hearing loss, and recommended a good audiologist. Mom had her hearing tested, and sure enough, she had major hearing loss, from 40% in the lower registers to 90% in the higher registers. This explains why she could hear my husband's lower pitched voice than my relatively high pitched one.

"A few weeks later, she went back to get the hearing aids. The audiologist explained that she would need to wear them every day, so that her brain would become reaccustomed to hearing sound from all sources -- ones she wanted to hear and ones that seemed like just noise -- so that she'd automatically screen out the things she didn't need or want to hear. Apparently this ability attenuates with hearing loss, that is, the neurological wiring gets weaker (use it or lose it), and needs to be reestablished.

"We went out for dinner in a moderately noisy restaurant just a couple of days after she'd gotten the hearing aids. We had a lovely dinner conversation! She could hear me, and all those years of angry conversations were gone! We were speaking like friends for the first time in many years.

"This feels like a miracle to me -- and I know it's only technology."

I'm sharing my friend's story because sometimes, the fix to a relationship is really simple -- and can literally be done with technology.