Sunday, October 27, 2013

Question x 2

How do you know what affects you? I mean what affects you deeply and permanently? Yes, most of us can remember a decision we made or something someone said once, and say, that deeply affected me. But I also know that most people don't consciously remember why they're afraid of heights, or allergic to cats (when no one else in their family is), or why they react almost violently to a certain tone of voice. I know because it comes up in client sessions all the time. Using hypnosis, we find whatever that is, and then shift it using NLP.

But what if that thing is cultural? A popular song perhaps? And if it's in no way traumatic, just something that you heard a million times.

Here's what I mean:

I remember the first time I heard the Moody Blues, the iconic rock band. I was 14, sitting on my friend, Mary's bed, on a log cabin quilt her mother had made, when she said, "You HAVE to hear this!' and played the first side of the album, "A Question of Balance". The album was titled for the song, "Question". I loved the album, and especially that song, so I bought it and played it about a million times. Yes, I knew the song's lyrics by heart. But I never thought about them much, or at least not very deeply. And as I got busier with my life, I stopped playing albums, and the technology changed, and I never bought the album on CD, or on iTunes. So I stopped hearing the song.

It turns out that my husband is a huge Moody Blues fan. So when he found out they were playing in San Rafael, he bought tickets. We went last week. They closed the show with "Question". Here are the lyrics that hit me like a ton of bricks the other night, because they are so deeply embedded in me:

It's not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me.
It's more the way that you mean it
When you tell me what will be.

And when you stop and think about it
You won't believe it's true.
That all the love you've been giving
Has all been meant for you.

How many times in the past few decades have I told people what will be?  Not that I tell them that, exactly. Instead, I tell them the probabilities of what is likely to happen and what they can do to affect the outcome in a positive way. And I mean it in a way that will help them, that will heal them -- and I know that my intention DOES help them create what they choose. (And I have client testimonials on LinkedIn to prove it.)

And yes, it is true: since we're all One, that love, the love that comes through when I'm working with a client, is meant for me.

SO: Did the Moody Blues shape my work, without any of us knowing it?  

And how do you know that hasn't happened to you?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breathe the Free Air of Earth

I go for a several mile long beach hike every year on my birthday, which happens in early summer. It's a time for meditation, reflection on the past year, and looking forward to the next year. This year's hike was a time for healing in a way I'd never imagined (but more about that in a future email). Before the healing, though, I was meditating as I walked, just noticing what was around me: the sun, the sound of the surf, the light on the waves, the birds feeding, and feeling the regular rhythm of my body walking. My mind was clear; I wasn't consciously thinking at all.

"Breathe the free air of Earth" popped into my mind. I know I didn't make it up because I really wasn't thinking. I was puzzled as to its meaning, but then the healing started, and so my attention was directed elsewhere.

A few days later, I was riding BART (Bat Area Rapid Transit). The train was at a place above ground where you could see the San Francisco Bay, the maze of freeways and the Port of Oakland, all of which are quite impressive in a 'modern, industrial life meets nature' sort of way. I was enjoying that when "Breathe the free air of Earth" popped into my mind again. I know I didn't make it up, because my conscious mind was thinking about transportation systems.

Since it happened twice, I knew I was supposed to pay attention to it, but I still didn't know what it meant. Given the recent revelations about the NSA's spying on all of us so completely, etc., I thought perhaps something had changed so that we were free. I asked my guides for clarification. No such luck; we are not yet free.

Things are changing, slowly, behind the scenes. See this for more info (I don't trust much of what is written these days, but David Wilcock's writings are generally well-researched. The most recent post is the least well-researched of his stuff, but he does pose some very interesting 'questions'.) My guides tell me that we are all asked to say this affirmation as a way to support the global changes:


Please use it often:
  • meditate on it
  • use it as an affirmation
  • use it as a greeting
  • sign your emails with it
  • post it on Twitter
  • ask your friends to use it
  • be creative (I'd love to see a song with this as the refrain!)

Thank you for anything you do.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden & Intuition in the Long Run

Sometimes you have to wait a very long time, years, even decades, for the full import of an intuitive message to come through. That means you have to remember them, so you can refer to them over time. Edward Snowden's flight to Moscow reminded me of this.

I grew up during the Cold War. This was a time when political prisoners were jailed in the USSR, and often sought political asylum in the US.

I was curious about the Soviet Union, asked questions, and expressed an interest in visiting. My parents told me I should never go there, because the hotel rooms were bugged. They knew a couple who'd visited, who'd told them stories of their guides making comments about things they'd only said to each other in the "privacy" of their hotel room. I had a bad habit of telling the truth, and couldn't keep my mouth shut. (I still tell the truth, but I've learned when to keep my mouth shut! :) )

My dad subscribed to all sorts of magazines that came to our house, but went to his doctor's office waiting room fairly quickly. One of these was Travel and Leisure. When I was 11, the cover photo on one issue was a beautiful shot of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. I was captivated! I stared and stared at that photo. Then it came to me -- I just knew -- that the US and the USSR would become more and more alike, and that we'd be trading with each other. I decided right then that I had to learn Russian, and insisted on being sent to a high school where I could learn the language. My dad really heard me and made that possible.

3 years later, I was in my first year of Russian classes at a school near Albany, NY. That year, the Russian wheat harvests had failed, and our governments had arranged a grain deal, in which some of our wheat would be shipped to the Soviet Union. And our teacher took our class (all 4 of us) on a field trip to the Russian freighter that had docked at the Port of Albany. I didn't understand much of what the sailors were saying, but I still remember the sight of the grain pouring into the hold.

This was at a time when social programs in the US were still expanding, which were described by some as "communist". Wow -- we're getting to be more alike!

I had to drop out of Russian classes after 1 year at Princeton, because it was just too hard to do that on top of my engineering courses. But by the time I moved to New York in the late 1970's, we were actively trading grain with what was still the Soviet Union. In fact, a good friend was a grain trader.

Then the second Russian revolution happened -- the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union was dismantled, and the promise of democracy beckoned. Wow -- we're getting to be more alike!

We all know that democracy didn't really take hold in the Russia. And we know that the security state has grown in the US. Wow, we're becoming more alike. :(

And today, irony of ironies, Edward Snowden has had to seek political asylum by transiting through Russia. Has the US become the USSR?

I keep thinking about that knowledge that my 11 year old self had, and how she had no way to know how right that information would turn out to be, no way to predict exactly how it would play out.

Sometimes you have to wait years -- or decades -- to watch your intuitive information play out. And the only way to do that is to remember it. Sometimes, like what my 11 year old self got, it just sears itself into your mind. But journals help, too. And no matter how scary it is, it helps to tell other people what you get, because they'll help you remember.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The REAL Value of Meditation (You'll Be Surprised)

How many of your thoughts are pre-programmed? How many of them come automatically? For example, if it's going to be a hot day, do you automatically think about watering the plants? Or going to the beach? Or what time you're going to have to turn on the A/C? When you get up in the morning, do you automatically think of your shower, or that first cup of coffee? Often those are thoughts we've come up with ourselves, out of our personal experience. We know how good that shower or coffee are going to feel, and so our minds go automatically to them.

Many of our thoughts are automatically programmed - some by us, but some by our families or by society. For example, if you see a Rolls Royce, you might have automatic thoughts about that. Most of us have never owned a Rolls Royce, or even ridden in one, so we don't have a personal experience of it. That means that we've been taught what to think about the Rolls by society.

Our bodies are programmed by nature to operate within a small range of various parameters. This is called homeostasis. For example, our bodies don't work outside of a small temperature range. Yes, we've been able to extend that with clothing and shelter, but even then, we only operate from perhaps -50F to 110F. which is quite small considering that fires often go to 1500F, and the temperature of most of the universe is about -118F. Our bodies only work in a small pH range, as well.

People are intimately connected with their bodies, often identifying with them, thinking that they are their bodies, and only their bodies. Consequently, society, which is just people, is set up to foster homeostasis. That is, society is generally set up to keep things the same, or at most, change in tiny increments.

This applies to thoughts, too. People can only transmit thoughts they already have. Again, society is just a lot of other people. So in a way, society programs us to have the same thoughts other people are already having -- society programs us to stay the same.

This rigid framework does keep us safe in many ways -- it keeps us physically safe (we know to run away from fire), and we're accepted by the group, which also helps to keep us safe (from the odd marauding wolf, which will attack an individual, but not a group). But it prevents us from shifting in ways that might be beneficial, as well. A simple example is that 70 - 90 years ago, cigarette smoking was promoted as being healthful. Despite decades of medical studies, lots of women applauded cigarettes' effectiveness in weight loss, so they ignored the studies, continuing to believe in the health benefits.

It's as if our thoughts make an impenetrable cage around our energy fields, preventing new information or energy from getting in.  Meditation, however, is the cessation of conscious thought. even briefly. As a friend said once, "I can't seem to stop thinking completely, but I can make the spaces between my thoughts longer." That cessation of thought makes spaces in the thought cage around your energy field.

Those spaces are where new information, in the form of wisdom, creativity or energetic upgrades can occur.

In general, higher energy is more powerful than lower energy. It travels farther and affects more people. This is exemplified by the fact that X-rays (the frequencies of which range in the 10 to the 16th to 19th powers) can penetrate things that look solid in the visible light spectrum (whose frequencies are in the 10 to the 13th power).

So beings, like gurus or spirit guides, who transmit higher energy will always spread higher light than is currently available. This higher light carries higher wisdom, creativity and new ideas.

Unfortunately, the higher light, higher wisdom, new ideas and creativity are a mixed blessing, at least at first. This is because the higher light is confronted by homeostasis, both personal and societal, which is unbelievably uncomfortable. The two are going to fight for space in your energy field, if you will, or in the common thought forms of society. In the end, though, the higher light always wins. It changes you for the better, as it changes society for the better.

(This material was given to me in mediation, of course!)

Friday, May 10, 2013

When the teacher is ready...

You've probably heard the saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." That seems very true in my experience, if you allow that the teacher may not be a person. 

But I think it works the other way around, as well. When the teacher is ready, the students appear.

Here's what I mean:

One of my longest term clients, whom I'll call Andi, is a talented psychic herself. She has taken more than a decade to accept, harness and focus her talents, while working several jobs and raising her kids.

Andi is finally ready to step up and begin teaching her own workshops! Not only does she accept her abilities, but she has a really unique way of teaching what she knows. She's really excited about this first workshop!

In setting it up, though, every possible practical obstacle has come up. The sound engineers promised that the equipment was idiot proof. Not only was it not idiot proof, it was broken! But she spent 6 hours thinking something was wrong with her, before she called the audio engineers.

A clerical error on the part of a utility company prevented her from paying her bill! And despite the fact that it was the utility's fault, the only way to fix this problem was for her to cancel her account, and start again, which was very time consuming.

The local newspaper printed her announcement with the wrong date, despite her having sent the correct date in an email. And it went on from there.

In typical new age "I must be responsible for this" fashion, she called to have me look psychically at what was going on. She complained, "Why do I have to teach all these people how to do their jobs?"

The guidance came through very clearly: because she had accepted the role of teacher by announcing her first workshop, all sorts of students were appearing, ones she didn't know she'd advertised for! That's why I say

When the teacher is ready, the students appear.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Deal with Betrayal

You've certainly been betrayed. Maybe your significant other cheated on you. Maybe someone stole from you; maybe it was someone you really trusted. Maybe someone blabbed something you told her in confidence -- all over Facebook. Maybe someone embezzled from an organization to which you contributed. Or maybe the premise under which your government has been operating has been a complete lie. (Warning: this last is a bit wonkish,)

So it's not just you who have been betrayed; it's everyone. And I've been thinking about that a fair amount lately. Here's what my guides have to say -- it's a bit dry, but it is fairly complete:

Trust is required for human cooperation, which is required for human life. All betrayal is a betrayal of trust. You trust people to either
  • Do something (e.g. keep information private, be sexually faithful, protect your goods)
  • Be who they represent themselves to be (e.g. licensed as a cosmetic surgeon if that is what someone holds himself out to be, or in love with you, if that's what he says)
Betrayal engenders lack of trust, which causes anger and grief. Anger is a natural reaction to a violation, in this case a violation of trust. All grief is loss, which can be physical or emotional, and if you are betrayed, you have lost trust, at the very least, but perhaps also money, or a sense of safety, or many other things.

Betrayal opens your eyes to the real reality. It also calls into question, at least temporarily, the nature of your own reality, not to mention your own judgement. But you can always trust your own experience. You may reframe the meaning of the entire experience in light of the betrayal, but your experience is yours, and can not be undone.

Here is a timeline of how betrayal happens, more or less, that is, the cycle of betrayal:
  • All is well
  • Betrayal
  • Lies to cover betrayal
  • Discovery of betrayal
  • Shock, anger, grief
  • Self-flagellation (why didn't I see this?)
  • Dealing with the consequences of the betrayal
  • Integration/healing process (including cycling through the 3 steps below)
  • All is well, with new knowledge/options/choices
Please note that the time frames here are hugely variable, from days to decades. 

The questions to ask yourself in order to deal with betrayal are:
  • What have I lost?
  • What do I still have? (hint: your experience, your abilities)
  • How was I violated?
  • What can be done to rectify that situation, either by the other person, if he/she wants to make good, or by me, if I want to be in some sense whole again?
Knowing the truth will help you make better choices going forward.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ask & You Shall Receive!

I recently agreed to help a friend rehab a downtown San Francisco office building, which she owns, but is too busy with her main business to attend to herself. The building is mostly vacant, with a small portion occupied by her company. Renovations, like additional sprinklers, added electrical capacity and a new air handling system, are necessary to make the building rentable. Without the renovations, she has an asset that is really underperforming.

I've been working on what needs to be done to the building in order to make it rentable, working from a 10 year old inspection report. Since there are plumbing, HVAC, electrical/data, sprinkler and roofing issues, I have to think about in what order they should done. So far, I've learned that you must begin the HVAC work (removing old unit), replace the flat roof, and then install new air handling unit. For example, I suspect that plumbing must be done before the roof, as well, but don't know that for sure. (I should mention that although I've done a lot of residential rehab, I've never worked on a commercial building before, and the systems are a bit different.)

So I was thinking about how to get that workflow info, as well as a good source for commercial vendors, which are harder to come by than residential. (The residential ones are on craigslist, yelp, etc. but the commercial ones mostly aren't, as their business is much more word of mouth.) I thought about Jim, a member of my extended family (my husband's cousin's husband) who used to have a paving contractor's license, who does really good work himself (his house is very well done, and he's helped me a bit with our house), and clearly knows what quality work is in all of the trades. He is now the property manager for a large church which also has a K-12 school, along with other buildings and parking lots, and so he's dealing with commercial people all the time, not to mention flat roofs.

A few weeks ago, on a Wednesday, as I'm sure you know, a new pope was elected. I don't really care about that, not being Catholic, but on the way home from the jobsite on BART, my cell phone picked up a network named "Vatican" at the Daly City station! It has never done that before, nor has it ever picked up ANY network at the Daly City BART, which I've ridden a few times in the last few weeks.

I thought that was pretty remarkable, and said so to the nice, middle aged lady next to me. (I never really talk to anyone on BART, either.) She remarked that she didn't own a cell phone, or a personal computer, though she used one all day at work. We got to chatting, and I heard the words "tenants" and "engineers" both, so I asked her if she was a property manager. The answer was yes! She is the property manager for a small hotel chain, which also owns about a block of SF, right off Union Square. She's been at that job for over 20 years. I explained my situation very briefly, and she is willing to talk to me and to share her rolodex.

I got home, took a phone call, changed my clothes and went to yoga. I was a little early, but that was okay. As I got out of my car, I saw a couple of people who looked familiar -- Jim and his wife (my husband's cousin)! So I told them about my new position, and asked Jim if he's willing to share his expertise and rolodex. Of course, the answer is yes! :)

Just another instance of intention creating reality. The amazing thing to me is that I never did anything formal about setting an intention. I just kind of thought about what I needed. And the information I needed, in the form of two people,  one of whom I didn't even know, showed up almost immediately. Be clear what you want, ask and you shall receive!

Want to learn more about contacting ETs? Here are 2 ways:

 If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know I've been contacting star visitors, with my husband and many others, for 6 or 7 years now. If you're interested in making contact yourself, go to

You can join for free, and see who's making contact near you. If you have been interested in doing this, you probably feel pretty alone. You don't have to feel alone any more. If you simply have questions, it's a great place to ask those who've been doing this for a while. 

Furthermore, Sirius, the movie coming out soon, and will be streaming online. My wonderful husband is in this movie (we don't yet know how big a part, as we haven't seen the movie), but he is in this trailer.

The film will be streaming online on Monday, 4/22. I'll post the link here, as soon as I have it.

Have fun!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why are Lindsay Lohan's exploits news?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've certainly heard of the travails of Lindsay Lohan, or the earlier ones of Britney Spears. Why? Why are we talking about these people?

I think I may know, and to explain, I need to tell you a couple of stories.

When I was a young teenager, I got to train with some of the best figure skaters in the world: Olympic champions, national champions, and a lot of national competitors. (I got to be there because my younger sister was quite good, and we were a package deal.) One of the national competitors had a mom who was unbelievable, and not in a good way. She was the most extreme skating mother ever (think stage mother). She'd harangue her own daughter over every little thing, she'd scream at the other kids for getting in the way of "my Cindy", she'd even yell at the other mothers if she didn't agree with them. (Btw, her daughter grew up not to BE a national champion, but to coach one.)

After a few years of this, my mother took my sister out to LA to train with a different coach for a summer. While standing in the rink, she met a woman from Colorado, also in LA with her skating daughter. The other mother told stories about a horrible woman at a rink in Colorado -- and it turned out to be the same woman!

That amazed me, but then, this week, something else happened. I was calling references for a structural engineer to look at a building foundation. One of the references, whom I'll call Roberta, said, "before I tell you about the engineer, I have to tell you a little about myself. I went to a little school called MIT."

 At that point, my 'hey, we're similar' programming went off, and I said, "Oh, I have an engineering degree from Princeton."

She said, "Well, then, I have to tell you my Princeton story. When I went to MIT, which was in the '50's, I started off as a math major. We had a professor, a mathematician, who was really famous. And he was mostly famous for being crazy. While I was there, he left and took a job at Princeton. So we used to say that we didn't know if everyone at Princeton was crazy, or if Princeton just drove them crazy." But she didn't name the professor.

Now my programming kicked in again, so I said, "I have a crazy mathematician story, too. When I was an undergrad at Princeton, I took a lot of economics, so I knew what Cournot-Nash equilibria were. And I knew that John Nash (who would much later become the subject of the movie, "A Beautiful Mind") hung around the math building, Fine Hall. In fact, he was referred to as 'the ghost of Fine Hall' because hardly anyone ever saw him.

 "In our senior year, my brilliant physicist boyfriend began to tell me that he was having mathematical conversations with Nash. Nash would leave an equation on one of the blackboards that lined the halls. Jim would leave the next step. Then Nash would leave the next, etc.

"One late night, we were hanging out in Fine, taking a study break, when Jim whispered to me, "Wait a few seconds before you look, but that's John Nash." When I turned to see him, he looked hunted, furtive. That stuck with me, though I didn't understand it till I saw the movie 25 years later. (Btw, at the end of the movie, it shows Nash beginning to interact with students in 1978, shortly after this incident.)"

Roberta said, "Oh, my story's about Nash, too! One late night, he accosted me in the main corridor at MIT. He stood way too close to me and screamed at me that I wasn't very smart, that I wasn't a very good mathematician, and that I didn't belong in the math department because, after all, I was only a girl. And when I turned to leave he followed me down the corridor screaming at me for quite some time."

"That incident changed my life. I dropped out of the math department, and into mechanical engineering. He was probably right -- I was a good mathematician, but not a great one. And in math, you have to be great. [I've heard this from a mathematician client, too. HP] So I switched into mechanical engineering." And she told me the details of quite an illustrious career.

She continued, "To this day, I don't know if he actually knew something, or if he was just acting out of his prejudices. But he actually did me a favor."

So my Mom and some stranger find themselves talking about a crazy lady they've both met. And decades later, Roberta and I are both talking about John Nash, whom we've both barely met.  Why? And why do we talk about Lindsay Lohan?

Here's my theory:


Think about it: there are millions of crazy people on this planet. And the only people who talk about them are their families, maybe some friends, and the professionals who are helping them.

There are lots of talented (and I include beautiful) people, as well. They do their jobs, people admire them, but really, no one talks about them except in relation to their work.

But somehow, we talk about the ones who are both talented and crazy.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

I Gave on the Inner Planes - or - Be Careful What You Say!

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

William Shakespeare

I had a truly Twilight Zone experience yesterday. I took a big bag of old financial files to a shredding company (much easier than doing it all myself). The attendant took my bag, shredded it while I watched, came back to the counter where I stood, and asked for payment. While I dug the $7 out of my wallet, he sat down at a computer at a desk that was just on the other side of the counter, and took my name, address, etc.

I pulled out a five dollar bill and 2 one dollar bills, noting that this was one of two fivers, and the only two singles, and laid them on the counter, with the fiver on top. As I looked at them (and the attendant was still seated and typing, facing diagonally to me), I watched as the corner of the fiver lifted up. Simultaneously, I heard a 'phhht' sound, like when something gets caught in the hose entrance of a vacuum cleaner. The fiver literally vanished, as I was watching!

At first, I didn't believe my eyes. I thought it had blown onto the desktop just the other side of the counter. When the attendant finished typing and looked up at me to be paid, I pushed the tiny pile of bills at him. He counted out two -- and asked for the five. I said I was pretty sure the five had blown onto his desk -- but -- nothing. He and I searched the entire area, even moving things to look in places where a bill could not possibly have blown, and it was simply gone! There was no fiver anywhere. I checked my billfold, and no, there was just one fiver in there now, not two. So it's not like I thought I pulled it out and didn't.

I've had many anomalous experiences -- but this beats all.

Of course, I had to look at it psychically, which I did. I also asked a friend who is a very good psychic to look at it as well, because I didn't completely trust myself. We both got the following:

This sort of thing happens all the time. Things pop in and out of our physical reality, from and to other dimensions. Have you ever been absolutely sure you put, say, a necklace on top of a bureau, only to look and it's gone? Then it reappears later, sometimes there, sometimes somewhere else, maybe even somewhere you couldn't possibly have put it? Then you've had the experience. You probably explained it away, or thought your memory was going. It wasn't.

I was just privileged to actually see it happen, and to have enough physical world evidence that it wasn't something else, including a partial witness.

According to my friend,  it happens more easily with money, because money is just energy made tangible. (Certainly my husband has had several experiences of money just appearing in front of him, or falling out of what he thought was his empty hand). Apparently, someone in another dimension needed the energy more than I did, and I agreed to give it.

On a related note, I do volunteer my time and energies to ask for energetic protection or healing for people who really need it. And so for the last year or two, when money has been a bit harder to come by, and I've been asked to give money to worthy causes, I've occasionally replied, "I gave on the inner planes." I guess that's now literally true!

So be careful what you say -- even in jest -- words have power.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spaceship Earth

Very inspiring - well worth the 18 minutes!