Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happiness, Meditation, Reverie

A really nice romp, through the eyes of philosophers of the ages -- apparently, being in the present is happiness:

Happy Like God - Happy Days Blog -

It bothers me a bit, though, that he stops shy of accepting that yes, we are all God.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love and Unity

My friend, Kit, also a talented channel, called the other day to say she'd just had this amazing insight: beyond identity is where the 'I am' presence lives.

That makes sense to me. If you let go of your identity as, say, a woman, wife, mother, American, hypnotherapist, even of past life identities here and/or on other planets, what's left? Pure existence.

Many years ago, my guides showed me a vision of the heart chakra as a sort of valve. If you turn a person inside out, kind of like you would a sock, at the heart chakra, you get the universe, or oneness, or God, or the 'I am' presence, or whatever you want to call it. And that's how we're all connected, how we're all one -- when you turn each of us inside out at the heart chakra, you end up in the same place!

I explained this to Kit, who then asked me, 'Well, then, what is love? How is this different from love?' And this was the answer from m guides:

Love is sort of the opposite of the experience of God. To experience oneness, you go out through you heart chakra to All That Is. To love, you bring the universe's energy through your heart chakra into the physical world. Often, but not always, you direct love to someone or something, but that's not actually necessary.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Practice, Practice, Practice

George Leonard talked about it in 'Mastery', Malcolm Gladwell talks about it in 'Outliers: the Story of Success', and here it is again, with a little different slant:

Op-Ed Columnist - Genius - The Modern View -

Do what's most important first

and other recommendations from

The Science of Concentration -

What's the single best question to ask NOW for your self-development?

Q: What's the single best question to ask yourself, anywhere, any time, for your self-development?
A: What does this have to teach me?

It's long been popular in spiritual/self-development circles for people to ask, "What am I supposed to learn from this?" in the face or aftermath of a crisis. And that's useful. But it's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about asking the question, "What does this have to teach me?" about things in your environment. Here are a few examples from the room I'm in while I write this:

  • Salt lamp - A salt lamp is a hunk of pink sea salt (i.e. salt precipitated from sea water back when the land where it is found was underwater), hollowed out and fitted with a low wattage light bulb, and set on a wooden disk for a base, with an electrical cord.What does the salt lamp have to teach me? It teaches that light comes through structure, and that both are necessary for manifestation in the physical world. Light without structure is formless, and so not obvious, not really seen; structure without light is literally in the dark and not seen. Also, it teaches that illumination comes from within, and from the connection to 'all that is' (in the lamp's case, electricity).
  • Wooden Armoire - What does the armoire have to teach me? It teaches that something can have structure and solidity, but also be open to hold space for others. I choose what those things are. It also teaches that structure supports (I have baskets holding scarves, etc. on top of the armoire & necklaces hanging from the door knobs.)
  • Black UniBall pen - What doe sthe pen have to teac h me? It teaches that simply being a tool that energy can flow through to communicate with others is useful (when I write with it, I communicate, but I also am a tool of communication for higher energies). Darkness (black ink) can be useful, sometimes just because of contrast (with white paper). Even those things that communicate can also adhere (clip on side of pen).
If you do this for a while, you'll notice that the world is almost literally screaming lessons at you, profound truths that you just have to pay attention to notice. I suspect, having just stumbled upon this today, that the lessons each person learns from the objects they choose to focus on will be the perfect lessons for that person at that moment. So you really can't go wrong!

Friday, May 01, 2009


Wow! I went out for my usual walk this morning, maintaining a new state, pulling Source energy down through my crown chakra. There is an area I walk through several times a week, the large central part of a condominium complex, that has many trees, as well as some lawn and a pool. When I came onto this central area from a side path, maintaining my new state, I could see the energy that makes a tree! It kind of spirals up from the ground, and I think maybe it spirals down from the sky, too. When I looked more closely at many of the trees, I could see how branches, or leaves, or bark, or the bend of the trunk all matched this spiraling energy. And I swear that at least one of the trees was hugely happy that I noticed, as if it were saying to me, "Wow! You really see me! Not just my form, but ME." And isn't that what we all want?

I mentioned seeing this energy to a friend, a fellow channel, who said that she got a big smile in her heart from it, which is one of the ways she recognizes truth, and heard a tree laughing, thrilled that I saw it. Then I mentioned it to a chirpopractor friend, who said that he had heard about the spiraling energy from friends who had spent weeks alone in the Sierras, when they came back. (I only mention this because it validates what I saw, and honestly, as out there as I am, I'm still a bit afraid you might think I've really lost it this time.)

One Reason Your Affirmation May Not Work

It's often said, "Be careful what you ask for -- you might get it." And I've noticed, over the years, working with clients, friends and myself, that a better way to say this is, "Be careful what you ask for -- you WILL get it." This is sometimes referred to, with a rueful laugh, as the Law of Unintended Consequences.

I think I've figured out how this works, at least for those of us who use affirmations to create what we choose in our lives:
  1. An affirmation is a positive, present tense, first person statement of what you are choosing.
  2. By repeating it over and over, you are implanting it as a belief in your unconscious mind. And, as Seth (channeled through Jane Roberts) said, about 30 years ago, you create your reality through your beliefs.
  3. The unconscious mind is very literal, so it will draw to you, or have you notice in physical reality, the manifestation of the words of your affirmation/new belief.
  4. Because it is so literal, the unconscious mind will screen out everything BUT what you are stating in your affirmation.
And I've only just now realized point #4! A case in point: for many years, I have had the affirmation that "By being who I am and doing what I love, I now prosper beyond my wildest dreams." And I am who I am, in pretty much all circumstances. And I do what I love a lot. But I also feel like I need to do things like honor agreements, even when I don't particularly feel like it, and do chores like brushing my teeth, even when I don't feel like it. For the last couple of years, I have tried many, many ways to market my services, to very little avail, that is, business has not increased on the trajectory that I would prefer. No matter how hard I worked, no matter what I tried, it didn't seem to help.

Now I get why! My very literal, unconscious mind, was saying, "If I am who I am, and do what I love, I'll prosper." Period. It interpreted my doing something I didn't love, as me not choosing prosperity. Every time I made myself do something I didn't want to do, it shut down the prosperity thereby negating all the actions I took! Duh!

Twittering on the Inner Planes

On the inner planes, we're all twittering, all the time!We're all broadcasting every thought, every emotion, our location, everything! It's the nature of our oneness --you can't not do it.

Don't let this scare you -- most people won't perceive any of it. The people who receive that communication are the people who have chosen to 'follow' us, whether they're aware of it or not. And of those who have chosen to 'follow' us, most aren't aware of what they're getting, most of the time, or maybe ever, because they simply aren't that aware psychically.

Conversely, we're able to receive everyone else's constant stream of updates -- but we choose only to 'follow' certain people. This is a good thing, because following too many people would quickly overwhelm us. Ask any psychic and concerned parent -- following even one person (your child), can be overwhelming! And in fact, we only choose to get updates sometimes, the same way most of us only look at our Twitter page occasionally.

Actually, I think Twitter is important because it is another facet of the way we are simulating the real reality (aka spiritual reality or inner palnes) in physical reality. In the same way, the world wide web on the internet is our access to all knowledge on the inner planes.