Friday, May 01, 2009

Twittering on the Inner Planes

On the inner planes, we're all twittering, all the time!We're all broadcasting every thought, every emotion, our location, everything! It's the nature of our oneness --you can't not do it.

Don't let this scare you -- most people won't perceive any of it. The people who receive that communication are the people who have chosen to 'follow' us, whether they're aware of it or not. And of those who have chosen to 'follow' us, most aren't aware of what they're getting, most of the time, or maybe ever, because they simply aren't that aware psychically.

Conversely, we're able to receive everyone else's constant stream of updates -- but we choose only to 'follow' certain people. This is a good thing, because following too many people would quickly overwhelm us. Ask any psychic and concerned parent -- following even one person (your child), can be overwhelming! And in fact, we only choose to get updates sometimes, the same way most of us only look at our Twitter page occasionally.

Actually, I think Twitter is important because it is another facet of the way we are simulating the real reality (aka spiritual reality or inner palnes) in physical reality. In the same way, the world wide web on the internet is our access to all knowledge on the inner planes.

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