Sunday, March 03, 2013

I Gave on the Inner Planes - or - Be Careful What You Say!

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

William Shakespeare

I had a truly Twilight Zone experience yesterday. I took a big bag of old financial files to a shredding company (much easier than doing it all myself). The attendant took my bag, shredded it while I watched, came back to the counter where I stood, and asked for payment. While I dug the $7 out of my wallet, he sat down at a computer at a desk that was just on the other side of the counter, and took my name, address, etc.

I pulled out a five dollar bill and 2 one dollar bills, noting that this was one of two fivers, and the only two singles, and laid them on the counter, with the fiver on top. As I looked at them (and the attendant was still seated and typing, facing diagonally to me), I watched as the corner of the fiver lifted up. Simultaneously, I heard a 'phhht' sound, like when something gets caught in the hose entrance of a vacuum cleaner. The fiver literally vanished, as I was watching!

At first, I didn't believe my eyes. I thought it had blown onto the desktop just the other side of the counter. When the attendant finished typing and looked up at me to be paid, I pushed the tiny pile of bills at him. He counted out two -- and asked for the five. I said I was pretty sure the five had blown onto his desk -- but -- nothing. He and I searched the entire area, even moving things to look in places where a bill could not possibly have blown, and it was simply gone! There was no fiver anywhere. I checked my billfold, and no, there was just one fiver in there now, not two. So it's not like I thought I pulled it out and didn't.

I've had many anomalous experiences -- but this beats all.

Of course, I had to look at it psychically, which I did. I also asked a friend who is a very good psychic to look at it as well, because I didn't completely trust myself. We both got the following:

This sort of thing happens all the time. Things pop in and out of our physical reality, from and to other dimensions. Have you ever been absolutely sure you put, say, a necklace on top of a bureau, only to look and it's gone? Then it reappears later, sometimes there, sometimes somewhere else, maybe even somewhere you couldn't possibly have put it? Then you've had the experience. You probably explained it away, or thought your memory was going. It wasn't.

I was just privileged to actually see it happen, and to have enough physical world evidence that it wasn't something else, including a partial witness.

According to my friend,  it happens more easily with money, because money is just energy made tangible. (Certainly my husband has had several experiences of money just appearing in front of him, or falling out of what he thought was his empty hand). Apparently, someone in another dimension needed the energy more than I did, and I agreed to give it.

On a related note, I do volunteer my time and energies to ask for energetic protection or healing for people who really need it. And so for the last year or two, when money has been a bit harder to come by, and I've been asked to give money to worthy causes, I've occasionally replied, "I gave on the inner planes." I guess that's now literally true!

So be careful what you say -- even in jest -- words have power.

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