Monday, June 25, 2012

Doing the right thing?

Every now and then, the universe tells you that you're doing the right thing. The affirmation can come in many ways -- a song on the radio that echoes what you've been thinking (especially if it's a rarely played oldie), your eye being drawn to something that you've passed a million times but never noticed, or something a complete stranger says. I think what happened to me on Saturday was one of those.

I was in the (long) checkout line at a big box store, when a young woman approached me to say she was opening a new register and would I please start a new line at her check stand.

As I waited for the register to come online, she gestured to a small plaque she had propped up by the screen, and said to the packing guy, with a perplexed smile, "Look what they just gave me! I'm happy, but look at it!" And she showed me the plaque, as well. It was an engraved wooden plaque, which read

Employee of the Month

 2011? It's already June of 2012!

Then she asked, "What do I do? Do I refuse it? I don't want to do that, I'm proud to be Employee of the Month. But I don't want this." 

The packing guy looked confused, too.

I suggested that she go to whomever gave her the plaque and say, "Thanks so much! I'm glad you think enough of me to make me Employee of the Month. And I'm such a good employee that I noticed what's wrong with the plaque." And turn the plaque to them with a huge smile. And wait, because it was really hard to miss that "2011".

Now this may seem a little odd, but I take that happening to me as a sign that I'm doing the right thing doing my radio advice show, and that I should keep on keeping on.

Does this happen to you? How? I'd love to hear stories of how you know you're on the right track.


Anonymous said...

I have an example of this. The last 2 trips I have taken I found out on FB that friends would be in the same place at the same time and I was able to meet up with them. I could've spent a lot of time/effort/money to try to meet up with these friends. But, life did all the arranging for me. And I took that as an affirmation that I was at the right place at the right time!

Anonymous said...

But did the clerk (and her boss) do the right thing? Hmmmm. 1. Boss maybe recycled last Year's plaque thinking to get by with it. 2. Or is not with it enough to have paid attention to the details. Clerk brings up the error. In case 1, Boss will be busted and have to re-do to make it right. Right thing was done for the time being, but proof will be if Clerk gets the award again in the future. Some people hold a grudge when they believe they lost face. And if Boss's original intent involved deceit, Clerk may no longer be Employee of the month because Boss was busted. In Case 2, right thing was done if Boss makes it right and genuinely indicates both appreciation for bringing it up and improves own performance so similar events happen less going forward. For Clerk, next right thing to do in Case 1 would be to keep alert in case Boss changes attitude. In Case 2, Clerk should make good on the "good employee noticing detail" as next right thing to do and find all those items in the store that ring up at the retail price instead of the sale price (or vice versa), anf deliver a list to Boss. Then keep the list by the new plaque so I won't be overcharged at the register. Last right thing for either case: Clerk should make a plan to take the Boss's job at the earliest opportunity.