Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Free advice!

Well, 3 - 5 minutes worth, anyway!

A long time dream of mine is beginning to come true! I’m doing a weekly half hour radio show on Tuesdays at 5AM (Pacific time) on KEST. For those of you farther east, it’s a very manageable time: 8AM on the east coast, and 7AM in the Midwest.

This is a local San Francisco station, whose signal covers much of the Bay Area, so if you’re here and you’re away, please tune in to 1450AM. It is unfortunately not streaming on the web, so if you are outside the Bay Area, you can’t hear me on the air.

This is coaching. I am not doing readings on the air for two reasons:

1) It’s boring for the audience. When I used to hear psychics on the air, I’d be reading right along with them to see if what I got was different from what they got. Most people aren’t going to do that, so I don’t know that they really be interested.
3) I’d need both your first and last names, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that. I have been told that on many stations, there’s a technical way around this, but not on the tiny station I’m on.

It’s a call in show — and I really need callers, as it’s new -- so call me with questions on relationships of all sorts (significant others, potential significant others, friends, people you work with, families, extended families, almost anything you can think of really concerns a relationship), business or career issues, life direction issues. There’s only one real requirement, which is that it must be YOUR issue, not someone else’s. If by some stroke of luck, the lines are busy, please just wait a few minutes and try again.

The number to call is

415-543-TALK (415-543-8255)


8 – 8:30 AM Eastern time
5 – 5:30 AM Pacific time

Call me! Let's talk!

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