Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It really IS a new day!

I left yesterday morning's schedule empty so I could watch the Inauguration -- and like most people, stayed until I watched W's helicopter disappear. I guess I wanted to be sure he was really gone...

Then I went for one of my usual walks, to the library, though much later than usual. What surprised me was how many strangers and bare acquaintances all said the same thing -- "I'm proud to be an American again." I don't know that I've ever been actively proud of my country (I was a little kid during the Viet Nam conflict, another time where pride was dubious), but I sure have been ashamed for the last 8 years, and feel I can hold my head up again.

I did have clients scheduled in the afternoon. The first time I got into the appropriate state to do a reading, I had an amazing experience. Normally, when I ask my guides to be with me, to help me help my client, humanity and the earth, my palm chakras open up for 2 of the guides and I see beams of light in different places for the others.

Not yesterday. Yesterday, each of them showed up in a sort of light body, all standing in a ring with me. When I asked why, I 'heard' that Obama's inauguration was a big step in humanity's ascension, big shift in our collective consciousness.

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lucyfree said...

We could feel it, the flowing of love and acceptance among people. The receiving of blessings. The release from cynicism. The need for action. Thank you for writing about the beings' message.