Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Lavender Planting

Yesterday morning, I walked by a lovely lavender bush just 3 houses down from mine. Now, I walk by this bush almost every day, and don't really notice it. As I admired her (seems like a 'her' to me), I had the thought that I'd like to cut the lavender flowers to have in the house. But my conscious mind kicked in, saying, "You barely know these neighbors, and even though they obviously aren't cutting the flowers, it's a little forward to ask." So I didn't.

This morning, as I walked by, a man was digging up the plants nearby, and asked me if I'd like the lavender plant! He explained that my neighbors are removing these plants (including, sadly, a magnolia tree), to widen their driveway. I immediately said that I'd like the flowers, and then agreed to take the plants as well! So they will very shortly be gracing my front walk, where a couple of mine had died and needed to be replaced.

I wonder, did the lavender plant the idea in my mind? (Pun intended.)

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