Friday, February 26, 2010

Quantum psychology, here we come!

As someone who experiences Radin's entangled minds as an everyday event, I really appreciate his research. Here, he links to an article in "Nature" that shows that quantum effects can exist at room temperature, i.e. in living bodies. My favorite quote:

"... the concept of entangled minds will become so obvious that it won't be considered controversial any more. It might take a year or two for the hoopla to settle down, but in the grand scheme of things we will have advanced from a "para" discipline to the mainstream in a flash. And likewise, centuries of past objections and skepticism about the reality of psychic and mystical experiences will also vanish in a flash.

This sea-change won't mean that everyone will start levitating on Tuesday and walking through walls on Wednesday. The phenomena may still be quite capricious and hard to control. But that will be seen as a psychological issue, i.e. the instability of undisciplined minds. And not one about existence of the phenomena. "

Entangled Minds: Quantum biology now. Quantum psychology next?

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