Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learn Different Models of Communication

Today's workplace demands more communication skills than ever before. 

Considering the sheer quantity of information, communication media, generational and cultural factors, and pace of change, communication competence is crucial.

Traditionally, how we communicate has been seen as a function of our culture, personality, upbringing, and maybe even intellect. We have informal models of how to communicate, as well as formal models we may have learned along the way.

While businesses have long recognized the need to improve communication and develop people, and have used a variety of approaches to do so, few know how to leverage Communication Modeling to serve their enterprises.

Intended for both users and providers of communication modeling, this panel lays a foundation for thinking about modeling communication and highlights the benefits and distinguishing features of several widely used models, including Compassionate / Non-Violent Communication (NVC), 5 Dynamics, and Neurolinguistics.

This is in Santa Clara, CA on Oct. 4, from 6 - 7 PM. Sign up at

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