Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling unmotivated lately? You're not alone...

A number of my friends and clients have turned up sick and/or unmotivated lately. These are not slackers, but successful women (and the occasional man) who are suddenly, though temporarily incapacitated (the flu, a broken leg), or uncharacteristically lazy all of a sudden. A few are on overwhelm after months or years of doing too much, and just can't seem to get going right now. Most of them are energetically sensitive, as well.

They all seem to feel guilty about their lack of 'get up and go', too. This makes it worse, of course, because the guilt ties them up in knots of self-doubt, and sucks their energy so it can't go into healing.  Even worse, they don't want to admit it to anyone, so each of them thinks she's alone in feeling this way.

When one person says something to me, it's about that person. When 2 people say it, well, maybe it's a coincidence. When 3 or 4 or 10 say it, it's a pattern. Well, folks, this is a pattern. It's not just me noticing the pattern, either - 2 of my healer friends have noticed the same pattern in their friends and clients, as well.

What's going on?

I don't know for sure, but I'd like to offer 2 hypotheses:
  1. Part of your energy is going towards changing society on the inner planes. Remember, we are all one, along with the planet, and so when things change, we all have to change as a system. Think of a mobile here -- if you tap one piece, all the others rearrange in space. (For more on this, listen to my interview of Roger Nelson about the Gaia Project, here or here in iTunes.) Sometimes, mild illnesses serve a larger purpose, whether it's personal, like giving you time to re-evaluate, or global, like helping the earth evolve.
  2. You are acting out of learned helplessness. If you try and try and try, and nothing comes of your efforts, you give up. This has been demonstrated even in rats. Given the stacked nature of the deck in today's economy, I suspect many people are here.  (See this "60 Minutes" story for examples. )
I actually think most of the ones I'm seeing are the first kind, and I have to acknowledge that the second kind are probably legion as well. 

Here's the point: if you are feeling unmotivated lately, please know it is not completely you -- and at least stop beating yourself up about it. This will free up some energy for you to heal, and ultimately to get your motivation back.

If you are type 1 for lack of motivation, please know, this will pass, and your motivation will return at the appropriate time. If you are type 2, then it's time to remember this NLP precept: If what you are doing isn't working, do anything different.

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Mari-Lyn Harris said...

Maybe it's about getting us to slow down, most of us or I am anyway Type A. After been in the guilty mode for a while now, I have great friends that have offered me some mantras to to release the guilt the blocks the depression etc.

It will pass, however the mind needs food to change..

Hollis, I know you can help many.

lucyfree said...

Great column, Hollis. I would add that, even though it seems counterintuitive, the Type A's need to put their motivation into SELF-healing: I at least got one massage, and give myself walks and alone time. It can be hard to make this as important as, say, working. OK, that said, I'm going to work for 20 minutes then take a walk!