Sunday, January 05, 2014

Don't like the weather? Help change it!

Most of the US and Canada is in the deep freeze, after being pummeled by blizzards. While we in California are lucky to have relatively warm weather, we are suffering from a drought which could quickly become crippling after a dry year last year.

What to do?

Change the weather!

In Urban Shaman, Serge Kahili King talks about how weather, and specifically hurricane systems, are responsive to human emotion.

The cause of the drought -- and the deep-freeze -- is a center of high pressure stationed over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. This forces the wet weather, which would normally bring much-needed rain and snow to CA, to go north, where it gets very cold. Then the jet streams force it south, which is normal, but now it's laden with moisture, which dumps feet of snow in places that would normally get inches.

So what can you do? It's really simple:
  1. Get into a meditative state.
  2. Make contact with the high pressure system in whatever way you can -- perhaps by visualizing it, or perhaps by making a heart connection to it.
  3. Ask if it is appropriate to dissipate this high pressure system. Is it in the highest good of the world to dissipate it? The highest good of the people living in the drought or deep-freeze areas?
    • If you get that it is NOT in the highest good of all concerned, STOP. Be grateful for the information, and send love to the Earth.
    • If you get that it IS in the highest good of all concerned, visualize the dissipation of the high pressure area, rain falling on the West coast, and the Mid-west and the East coast warming up. When it feels complete, stop, and send love to the Earth. 
Please write comments to let us all know what your experience is! And watch the weather reports. :)

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