Sunday, November 02, 2014

How You Magnetize Things to You

You've probably heard someone say that "you magnetize things to yourself". They're implying that it has to do, usually, with visualization, or as a friend of mine says (apologies to this person, because i truly can't remember who it is),  more properly, sensualization, that is, imagining it with as many senses as possible.

Did you ever wonder how that works? I sure did. And now I think I've found out.

At the end of every yoga class, you lie still, flat on your back for a few minutes, in 'corpse pose'. This is used to allow your body (and probably energy body, as well) to integrate the changes that have occurred in the practice that has just occurred.

Today, it hit me! But first, I have to back up and describe my experience of my own auric field.

For the last year or so, I have been sensing my aura as 2 interlocking toruses (tori?). The first torus has roughly the proportions of a large donut, encircling my mid-section, from about my heart to my hips, and projecting more or less from my skin to about the length of my outstretched arms. (Of course, the size does vary, sometimes pulling in closer to my body, and sometimes expanding to be much larger.)

The energy in this torus runs according the the right-hand rule of electromagnetism: Using your right hand, hold your hand so the palm is parallel to the earth facing down. Extend your thumb so that it's perpendicular to the palm. Curl the fingers around your palm. When an electrical current runs from the base of your thumb towards its tip, an associated magnetic field runs circularly around it in the direction that your fingers curl around the palm.

The second torus runs up through the mid-line of my body, which is the line along which all one's chakras are arranged. The energy runs up the mid-line of my body, out through the crown of my head, to a place a couple of feet above the top of my head, and then runs out and down, over the first torus, to a place underneath my feet, which completes the circuit, so it begins to run up again.

Usually, i am aware of the first torus, and not so aware of the second one. But today, lying in corpse pose, I became VERY aware of the second torus -- and the fact that a cross section of it on the floor looks very much like the magnetic pattern a bar magnet makes when it's surrounded by iron filings. Imagine your head at the North pole and your feet at the South pole of the magnet.

Eureka! Our energy fields are literally bio-energetic magnets! The electrical field of the human body has been widely described -- and used for thousands of years in acupuncture. But most people's awareness of this field stays with the electrical, and doesn't extend to the magnetic.

Because we literally keep pictures of things in our aura, we draw to us what is in our aura. If you have horrible, unprocessed memories, you are going to draw to you similar experiences until you realize what is there and let it go. You may not know consciously what's there, but if you keep having the same thing happen to you over and over again, this is why. (And I can help you shift it.)

This is why visualization works: If you put an image in your aura, your energetic magnet will draw it to you. The catch is that you must have a complete picture -- if you don't, anything that matches your picture will show up, but parts of the photo that are blanks will be filled in at random, or by matching other unconscious pictures in your aura. If you need help making a complete picture, call me!

It is important, as well, to have a strong, cohesive energetic field, and to put your pictures into it in a particular way. More on that later...

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