Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How do you psychically read people you've never met?

"Only this life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of the entire existence, but is, in a certain sense, the whole; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance."

Erwin Schroedinger

People ask me that question, "how do you read people you don't meet?" all the time, and I usually just answer that in the 'real' reality, which is the deeper, non-physical reality that gives rise to the physical world, we're all one, anyway. Quantum physics supports that idea, as well.

"Virtually everything in our immediate physical environment is made up of quanta [packets of energy] that have been interacting with other quanta in this manner from the big bang to the present... the universe on a very basic level could be a vast web of particles, which remain in contact with one another over any distance in "no time" in the absence of the transfer of energy or information. this suggests... that all of physical reality is a single quantum system that responds together to further interactions."

from "The Non-Local Universe" by Menas Kefatos & Robert Nadeau

Many years ago, after I'd been working on the world's largest 900 psychic line for about 6 months, doing over 100 readings a week, I went to listen to a healer speak at a private home in San Francisco. She was from out of town (Cleveland, I think), and traveled to the Bay Area regularly to do hands-on healing sessions. This particular talk, on angels, was to introduce her to more people.

I didn't know the area of SF where the house was, got lost on the way there (this was before MapQuest!), and therefore arrived late. I arrived so late, in fact, that I was seated not in the living room, where the bulk of the audience was, but behind a wing wall that lead to the entry hall. I had to peek around the wall to see the speaker, who was seated at the far end of the living room.

After most of her talk, someone suggested that she go around the room and name each person's guardian angel. She agreed that it would be good for each person to be on a first name basis with his/her guardian angel, but suggested that each person try to name his/her own guide first, and then she would say who she thought it was. When she got to me, I said that I thought I had 3 or 4 main ones. "Whew! I'm glad you said that," she replied, "because there are hundreds of them out there behind you."

I knew that, at some level, I'd made contact with the guides/angels of those people I'd been reading, and now, here was another clairvoyant telling me she saw it!

If we're all connected, why hundreds of guides, not millions or billions? There are two possibilities. First, it may be that in some sense we are 'closer' to those with whom we've had direct contact than to those with whom we have not had such contact. If you split a subatomic particle into two smaller particles, separate them physically, and spin one in one direction, the other one will simultaneously begin to spin in the opposite direction -- with absolutely no physical world communication possible between them -- they are always one, in perfect balance.

The other explanation is that while we're connected to all people (and their guides/angels), indeed all of reality, all the time, our minds are set up to screen out all but the information that is most important to us. This is important for our survival, because otherwise we would be constantly overwhelmed by the amount of information available to us. How do we decide what gets through? On an unconscious level, the people to whom we are physically and/or emotionally the closest would be the ones whose signals we would let through.

So I guess that when someone calls me for a psychic reading, I am very concerned about him or her, and let those signals get through that are in my client's highest good.

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