Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time Perspectives

I'm reading a great book, The Time Paradox, by Philip Zimbardo & John Boyd, now. It's a fascinating discussion of the psychology of time, how different people are oriented in time (past -- negative, past - postive, present - hedonism, present - fatalism, and future), and how that affects their lives and personalities. There's a test here to see where you are on their scales.
I'm pretty future oriented (look at what I do for a living!), and resolved, upon reading this book, to become a little more present-oriented, a little more in the flow. Be careful what you ask for! I did -- embarrassingly. I, who am always on time, was so into trying to make yet another video for you, getting around the technical limitations of my equimpent, that I was late to a tele-class I taught last night! Oops -- maybe not so much in the flow.
As always, if you want to read the book, try to get it from the library. If you need/want to buy it, please buy it here.

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