Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Try this at home!

Have you ever felt like someone else's negativity really sapped your energy? It's true -- and you can demonstrate it yourself with kinesiology.

In the last year, I've seen two great lecture/demonstations that use kinesiology. The first was by Donna Eden ("Energy Medicine"), and the second, just last week, by Jack Canfield ("Chicken Soup for the Soul", and many more). They were so wonderful -- clear ad easy to do -- that I want to share them with you, and encourage you to try them at home.

First, a description of kinesiology in case you don't know about it. Version one requires 2 people, the tester and the one being tested (or Testee). The Testee puts one arm, generally the non-dominant one, directly out from his/her shoulder at shoulder height. This can be done directly forward from the shoulder, with palm facing center, or directly out to the side, with palm facing front. I've seen it done both ways. The tester asks the Testee to resist, and then pushes down on the Testee's arm, to see how much force the person can resist.

Version two requires only 1 person, and an appropriately sized weight (this method courtesy of Donna Eden). You determine your appropriate weight by finding one that you can lift with your arm outstretched at shoulder height when thinking a true thought, but can't lift when thinking a false thought. Yes, this really works! For me, as well as 2 other women with whom I've done this, it's a 9 pound weight. [Go to a gym or sporting goods store and try different weights till you find the right one for you.]

Both Eden and Canfield began with things I'd seen before:
  • Testee thinks a positive thought (and can resist tester's push easily)
  • Testee thinks a negative thought (and can't resist)
Here is one of Donna Eden's new twists, whcih she says proves that energy automatically goes from the strong to the weak:
  • Testee is part of a couple, and is strong. Testee can resist push.
  • Testee's partner is weak (upset, ill, etc.), and can't resist push.
  • They hold hands. Testee can't resist push -- but Testee's partner can!
She also has Testees who are weak (can't resist push) do simple interventions, like walking a few steps backwards, and then they can resist! Unfortunately, you have to be able to see clairvoyantly to know which intervention will work, though you can try them all until one works.

Here is the first of Jack Canfield's new twists, designed to show group effects on an individual:
  • He has 4 random people join the Testee in a line, holding hands
  • All think a positive thought, and the Testee can resist a push.
  • One of the line up, but not the Testee, thinks a negative thought. The Testee, who is still thinking a positive thought, as are all 3 others in the line, can't resist a push.
So it's important that people with whom you are working (or living, etc.) are aligned, or you're going to significantly weaken their effectiveness.

Here's the second, which shows that protecting your energy field really does work:
  • The Testee stands alone on the stage and thinks a positive thought. Testee can resist a push.
  • The audience thinks something negative about the Testee. Testee can't resist a push.
  • The audience thinks something positive about the Testee. Testee can resist a push.
  • Testee puts up energetic protection around his/her energy field.
  • The audience thinks something negative about the Testee. Testee can resist a push.
If you work in an unfriendly setting, or need to deal with negative and/or hostile people in other parts of your life, and would like to learn how to put up energetic shields, call me at 888-4-hollis (888-446-5547).

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