Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Ways to Deal with Death and other Losses

My sweet Creature, my faithful companion of more than 18 years, aka 'the reading kitty', left her body a week ago. She loved nothing more than literally being on me, sitting in my lap while I did client sessions (An animal communicator once told me that Creature thought she was getting a healing each time.) She was fine till two days before she checked out (the vet gave her an AOK about 3 weeks previously), then suddenly had a hard time walking and finally didn't want water. I knew the end was near, and she breathed her last while in my arm, immediately after a reading. [If you're reading this on Facebook, many thanks for your thoughts, stories and prayers. I'm not rehashing old ground, rather, I'm sharing what I've learned from the experience.]

The experience got me thinking about the human experience of loss, what makes it so difficult and how to make it easier. I see four issues/remedies. The first two are for just about any loss of a person/relationship -- a romantic or marriage breakup,  a child going off to college, going into the military or just moving out, the ending of a friendship due to betrayal, and of course, your garden variety 'death', that is, one of sickness or old age, or even accident. [Murders feel very different -- trust me, one of my friends was murdered a while back.] The second two really relate only to 'death'. 

Issue 1 - Cords:  When you have an intense and/or long-term relationship with someone, your energy bodies (that is, the electromagnetic fields we all have) create electromagnetic connections with each other. These are  called 'cords' because they literally look like cords of energy between the two of you. This is why we say things like "my heart goes out to you" -- we have created an energy cord between our hearts. When one of you drops your physical body, or ends the relationship abruptly (even if it's planned), the cords, and their connections to your energy body are abruptly torn, leaving holes in your energy field. This is generally interpreted as emotional pain, though in truth, it's quasi-physical (one of the layers of the electromagentic body is emotional). This will usually heal in time, because bodies do know how to heal themselves. You can also intentionally heal the holes through visualization (call me at 888-4-hollis if you want help).

Issue 2 - Triggers: When you see your pet's favorite chair -- now empty, or hear 'our song', or catch the waft of a familiar cologne on the breeze, or taste Grandma's madeleine,  it can trigger a strong memory of the relationship you used to have. What you do with that memory, how you compare it to what exists in the present, and how often you access that comparison affects your experience of the loss. If you only compare what was (which you liked) to what is -- and label that change 'missing', you are probably going to be miserable. One really simple solution to this: if you are constantly experiencing the comparison, and finding it unpleasant, just 'Be here now" -- focus your attention in the present.

Since memories are carried holographically in our energy field, you can change them. What you do is  change yourself, your energy field, to match what is, not what was.  (Again, call me at 888-4-hollis if you want help, because there are specific NLP ways to deal with triggers).

Issue 3 - Beliefs: Many people have the mistaken notion that mourning, feeling bad, somehow honors the dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why would someone you love want you to suffer? This is the experience of one of my clients, who is also a medium. He says he's had multiple encounters with those on the other side, who say, 'please tell my loved on to move on -- I want him/her to be happy.'

If you truly believe your loved one is in a better place,  then you should be happy for him/her -- and the only person you are feeling bad for is you. And you can change that -- see (1) and (2) above.

Issue 4 - Transcommunication:  Which brings us to communication with the other side. Yesterday, I 'got' that Creature wanted to show me how much she loved me, and I could feel her little paws on my thighs as I sat. Now that I know she's fine, I'm fine. So do your best to communicate across the veil, and if you need help to do it, get help.


Busterzxcv said...

The Russians have done expirements with DNA in a petrie dish. When love is projected, the DNA uncoils some. When opposite feelings are projected, the DNA coils up tighter.

Emoto with water energy pictures found the 2 highest energies were Love & Gratitude combined.

So a person can visualize Light, Love & Gratitude flowing into the heart DNA which has 500 to 5000x magnetic field strength as the brain as well as cells that appear to be the same as the brains.

In internet dating, there are various models of what will combine male female in a MATCH.

I am working on a theory that the higher the % match of the chakra's, between the two, the more energies will flow between each. Kirlian Energy photographs, radionics machines &/or various muscle kinesiology exercises are ways of measuring that.

Are others interested in this type of information?

busterzxcv at gmail com

Also for me loosing my precious soul mate wife due to breast cancer February 14, 2010, it was so nice reading near death experiences to know intellectually she is just on the other side of that door.

For me it was even more beneficial to have messages passed between her & myself by an excellent intuitive.

In the past & present, various individuals have developed machines to pick up & send messages to that frequency. 11/9/2010 are excellent with a pertinate snip

You have a thought, and you perpetuate suffering upon your heart. Your heart is not made for suffering. It is made for joy. If you can recall thoughts that cause your heart to flinch, you can recall thoughts that open your heart and let it suffer no more. A closed heart is a suffering heart. It is a heart handcuffed. Let go of the heart police. A stiff-backed heart is no heart at all. An upright heart suffers. Let your heart be free to love no matter what. You can keep your arms by your side, but not your heart. Your heart must be allowed freedom. Do not tell your heart that it has been bold or foolish. Do not tell your heart anything. Let your heart be mobile. Let your heart be itself.

randy said...

Last week, 2 beautiful happy dogs ran out in front of my car on the freeway and were hit and killed by other drivers. There was nothing I could have done to have prevented it from happening. It was unbelievably traumatic for me and I am still healing from it. The loss of an animal can be so difficult. I am sad to hear of the loss of your beloved Creature. Healing can take time. Love, Randy

Anonymous said...

I recently counted up the amount of loss, either thru death, separation, dissolution of a relationship, loss of a job that has involved family or friends in the past 6 months and the number is mind-boggling.
Death: my father and three friends (4) Divorce/separation/dissolution of a relationship: two family members and a friend (3)
Loss of a job: three family members and three friends (6)
So that's a total of 13 losses
since June 2010. My sweetheart and I are responding to all this by telling others, that we're "being strong" for them.