Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Big News! Ask any question you want -- FREE!

Is someone driving you crazy? 

Do you have 
  • a cheating boyfriend — or girlfriend?  
  • An ex you can’t let go of? 
  • An obnoxious boss -- or co-worker? 
  • Adult kids who won’t listen? 

Do you feel too much of others' pain? 

Are you taking on others' problems -- and hurting yourself by doing it?
Get help with these issues and more from my new radio show, 

Your Life, Your Relationships,
Wednesdays at 6PM Eastern time, 3PM Pacific on 

You'll get practical solutions (including energy level ones) for all sorts of relationship problems. There are many kinds of relationships: romance, marriage, parent/child, other family, work -- and even relationships with non-physical beings, like your higher self and angels -- and I'll tackle them all.

Listen online by going to www.ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com and clicking on ((ON AIR NOW))

Listen anywhere! Use your a browser on your smartphone to go to www.ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com and then click on the image of the iPhone on the right hand side of the home page. You can even bookmark it in the browser as a favorite.

Call with questions at 888-874-4888. You can also email me your questions in advance, and I'll answer them on the air. Of course, since you won't be there to interact with, I'll feel free to hallucinate the details of your relationship. :)

You'll also hear the latest in psychological research, especially neuropsychology (how we're wired), and intuition and mediation research. You'll also get info from experts who can help you with your issues. YOU can help shape this show, by calling and listening and emailing -- I want to know what you want, so I can provide more of it.  

If you can't listen live, you can download the podcasts at www.ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com.

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Judy said...

I am looking forward to your radio show Hollis! I'll be there...it's on my calendar

To a New Year with love, laughter and prosperity!