Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Get a FREE Change Work Session

Is there some pattern that seems to repeat for you time after time? Maybe you're always attracted to the wrong partner, or you regularly get into a job with a great boss, only to find that the boss leaves and is replaced by an ogre. Or may be there's some attitude, some belief, that you know you need to change, but you don't know how, and so you stay miserable.

Often patterns or beliefs can be shifted in one session!

I am offering ONE free session to someone who really needs a change. In order to qualify, you must:
  • be willing to do the session on my online radio show
  • be available from 3 - 4 PM PST (6 - 7 PM EST) on the Wednesday of the session, which will be scheduled in advance
  • call in from a land line for the session
  • write to me at hollis@888-4-hollis.com with a 1 - 2 sentence description of your issue
I will only pick ONE person to do this. If it goes well, I may do it again at a later date. 

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