Friday, December 28, 2012

Self-awareness through poop!

(No, I'm not examining my own feces for a health exam.)

What do you think when you see dog poop on the sidewalk?

I used to think, "Eewww, gross!" I mean, afer all, dog poop is feces -- smelly, dirty feces.

Or maybe I'd think indignantly, "What an inconsiderate dog owner, not to clean up after his (or her) dog!"

But the other day, when I was out for my daily walk, and came upon dog poop on the sidewalk, I thought, "Aaawwww, a living, breathing dog left that. It's so great that we have four-footed companions!" I didn't try to think this, it's just what came up.

So I know something in me has shifted.

How do you know when something has shifted? What has shifted for you recently?

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