Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Here in northern California, wild turkeys roam suburban neighborhoods. I love seeing them, as they are about the largest wild birds with whom I interact. (Every now and then, a pelican will let me swim close by in the ocean, and they're large, too, but much less used to humans than the turkeys, so they stay farther away.) Unless you are very quiet and still, the males will raise their tail feathers, in what I suppose is a warning, and the whole group will move away from you.

I've been under the weather lately, with something a friend calls the 'mutational flu'. It's also called the ascension flu. Yes, i have lots of symptoms (see the list at the link), but the results are amazing. When I walk in the morning, the plants look different; they sort of sparkle. I've felt the energy of trees and large bushes in my aura for a few years, and now I can even feel grass, and leaves that have fallen. Being able to sense the energy of something so small is really different, and gives a whole new dimension to my walks.

This morning, on my morning walk, I met came across two turkeys in a place where it was very quiet and no other humans were around. As is my habit, I got into rapport with one of them, matching her movements as best I could. Fairly shortly, she relaxed and began to groom her plumage, as did the other turkey. We stayed for a while, I got this photo and moved on.

A few minutes later, I was back on the main road. A young guy approached from the other direction, as we crossed a culvert. A flock of turkeys was below us, near the stream that goes through the culvert. The guy was yelling at them, good naturedly, "Hey, you turkeys!" in the way that people call each other turkeys when they mean 'you jerk', or 'you idiot'. He looked at me as we passed, and said, "You know that they can hear you from here, don't you?" Well, yes, I do know that.

In the past, I might have thought of this dude as a turkey! But because of my own internal shift, instead, I see a sincere, if misguided, attempt to communicate with another species. The dude just needs a bit of the energy that has been infusing me! :)

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