Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bulletin: I actually like writing!

When I was a kid, my Dad read all my 'compositions' for English class, to make sure they were okay. (He was a part time professional writer, with a syndicated newspaper column and eventually, 2 books, so he had cred). He didn't stint with the red pencil, either, and I hated writing.

It didn't get a lot better after that. He wasn't around, but I still had the hangover of all that criticism. I think I was an engineering major in college partly because I wouldn't have to write too many papers.

But it's decades later, and after sending out my Thhursday emails for several years now, I can actually say that I enjoy writing them. Sometimes, I know exactly what I'm going to say, and sometimes, like today, I just had this very vague idea. But when I write, or more accurately, as I move my ideas around electronically, the ideas begin to coalesce into sense that I didn't know I had, and I learn something. This is actually fun!

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