Friday, July 11, 2008

Psst... your 'green friends' have something to tell you!

My talk at the West Coast Dowsers’ Conference was called “How to Listen so Nature will Speak to You”, and was about how to connect in a particular way to anything, so that you could get psychic information from it. Actually, it was more of an experience than a talk, because I really believe that people learn by doing, not by listening. I did it twice. In each talk, the participants practiced first with each other, because people are so unsubtle, shared their experiences, and then went outside to listen to the plants. Did we get an earful!

The first time, about 35 people went out (I couldn’t because I was holding the space for all those people). When they came back, several people shared that the plant they spoke with was confused (What am I doing here? I don’t belong here. What is that hard stuff (asphalt)?) or that the plant said it was in the wrong environment, getting the wrong kind of water, or not enough water, or not getting the water in the way that it needed it. A couple of people reported that the trees were really angry — especially about the fires, because they knew about them. One reported that a redwood had told her it lost friends. (This talk was audio recorded, and when I get it, I’ll try to put it up on my website.) Someone reported that her plant really wanted us to wake up to what we’re doing!

The second time was much smaller (6 people) because I filled in at the last moment for someone who had a family emergency, and it was only announced once. But because it was smaller, I got to play, too, if only for a couple of minutes. When I went outside to ‘listen’ to a tree (definitely not a redwood,I think some kind of maple), I was surprised when it showed me flickering yellow and orange, and then red. Then I realized that what I was seeing was flames, so it clearly knew about the fires. It seemed concerned, but not particularly angry. I wondered how it knew this, and it showed me a beam of white light that went up from the top of the tree. Somehow it uses this to communicate with other trees. (I wasn’t there long enough to find out more.)

So next time you’re in nature, slow down, pick a tree or another plant to connect to, ad see what it has to say. You may be surprised!

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