Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool new FREE divination tool!

Today a client asked me how she might get more of her own information, and I 'got' that she was supposed to use Flickr -- no joke! -- and look at images related to her question and see what they had to tell her.

(Flickr is a very cool photo sharing site. The photos are so awesome that Getty Images, the world’s largest distributor of pictures and video, is about to scour it to find photos to sell.)

Here's what to do:

- Go to Flickr

- Type a quality, or whatever you're thinking about into the search box, and

- Look at the issues it serves up to you. Try sorting by 'most interesting' -- because it is a lot more strange than 'most relevant'. What do the images have in common? What keeps coming up over and over? Does a particular image speak to you? What do the images 'say' to you?

I tried it right after I got off the phone. First I tried 'rest & vacation' and all I got was beaches. I do know that I need to go to the beach. But of course, vacation and beach are synonymous for lots of people. So then I tried 'writing' because I felt I had nothing to say today. And it came up all beaches again! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? :)

Let me know what happens when you try it, okay?

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