Thursday, August 06, 2009

Even Psychics Needs Psychics!

Everyone who does readings for other people, whether professionally or as a hobby, knows that the hardest person to read for is -- yourself! Why? Because you're emotionally involved. While you care about doing the best job for a client, and you care for their happiness, you're pretty neutral about what you see -- and in fact, the more neutral you are, the more accurate you are, in general.

It's hard to be neutral about what you see for yourself. So even though you see what you see, it's a really good idea to check with other psychic, kind of like a physician goes to another physician when they're sick.

I had the need/opportunity to do that this week. I called a friend, who is a channel, to help me with a personal growth issue. But saying that I could 'see' pictures better than he, he made me do the reading myself! :) Of course, his guides confirmed my pictures, and channeled some information about them, that I would not have gotten.

What I saw was really interesting. Although I read other people's chakras all the time, I had never so much as tried to read my own. First I tried focusing on each chakra inside my body. That didn't work, because I became surrounded by the color of the chakra. Then I tried mocking up my body outside me, and looking that way. That just made me dizzy. It's odd that I would try these things, too, because it isn't what I do with other people. This is an example of 'it's hard to read yourself'.

What I do with other people is to mock up a screen in front of my third eye, and ask for the information to be placed there. Well, that's what worked for reading myself, too. And having seen my own chakras, not just the seven in the body, but also the 5 that are outside it, I feel much better about my spiritual progress, and understand some things, which used to seem random, as part of a larger pattern. So now I understand the value of the chakra reading for my clients -- even before we get to their questions!

For the meanings of the seven chakras in the body, look here. For the meanings of chakras 8 - 12, look here.

FWIW, I LOVE doing readings for other psychics! It's really easy for me, because the more open you are, the easier it is for me to connect to you. And then I get to learn something, too -- I learn something in every reading.

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