Monday, August 31, 2009

Global Cooling? YOU Can Help!

Remember the old saying, 'everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it?' I'd like to suggest that you CAN do something about it.

There are lots of anecdotal reports of people changing the weather, through some combination of conscious intent and meditation. Here's one that happened to me on Mt. Shasta 2 years ago:

The group was meditating in a huge meadow, with a densely overcast sky. The air was completely calm — not a pine needle stirred. When we finished meditating, most people had felt raindrops (I didn’t feel them; I was either deep in meditation or asleep. However, rain will normally rouse me, and there were no wet spots on my clothes, so maybe it rained around me!) and the sky above us was completely clear in probably a quarter mile diameter circle! The surrounding sky, however, was still thickly overcast. Then, as we watched, the clouds formed an unmistakable heart shape in the center of the clearing directly above us, ringed by open space and then the original clouds.

Here are two more:
  • A friend of mine, an amazing chi gung practitioner, tells of having the intention to protect her Minnesota home from an approaching twister, then going into the basement with her family to wait it out. When she emerged, the neighborhood was a disaster zone -- except for her house, which was in perfect condition, except that a piece of gingerbread trim she'd never liked had been pulled cleanly off the house.
  • Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at UCLA, in her book, "Infinite Mind", writes of almost being stranded for the winter in Tibet by an early blizzard. Apparently, after the first blizzard there, you can't fly out until spring. She and a companion went into meditation, with the intention of clearing the weather. A hole was created in the storm and she flew out.
In the book, "Urban Shaman", Serge Kahili King, a huna practitioner, writes of successful group meditations to change the path of hurricanes.

Roger Nelson
, designer and director of the Global Consciousness Project, did the following study while he was at Princeton University:

Every year, Princeton has extensive festivities around Commencement, which include a huge reunion of graduates. Typically, the University population (which has grown to 7500 graduate and undergraduate students, plus about 1000 faculty, in recent years) swells by 15,000 people or more.

Dr. Nelson used University records & the National Climatic Data Center to get the precipitation data for the town of Princeton and 6 surrounding communities on 4 of these festive days, for all the years which had all this data available, the years 1950 - 1986. The 4 days were the days of
  • the P-rade, which is a parade of alumni, including the graduating seniors (Saturday - outdoors),
  • Baccalaureate (Sunday - indoors),
  • Class Day (Monday - outdoors), and
  • Commencement (Tuesday - outdoors),
There was a significant difference in rainfall between Princeton and the surrounding communities for the days of the outdoor festivities, which are the days on which people typically wish for good weather. Dr. Nelson notes "...a trend toward less rain, less often, is quite persuasive on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, but on Sunday, the day of Baccalaureate, no clear tendency is evident... A look at actual weather data seems to suggest that precipitation tends to stay away from Princeton for the P-Rade, and Class Day, and Commencement, to a somewhat unlikely degree." That is, a large group of people wishing for good weather tends to bring it! And I can personally vouch for the fact that, even when it rains on those days of outdoor festivites, the rain generally will hold off until after, or stop for, the festivities themselves.

So with all the agonizing about global warming, why are we not consciously intending global cooling? I'm not suggesting that it's the only thing we should be doing, certainly conservation, etc. are all still important. But what if this could help? And what could it hurt to add global cooling to your daily mediation or your prayer list?

Here's what I ask for every day:

"May the climate be turned back quickly, easily and gently, to that of 1950, in the best interests of all species."

Why 1950? Because my guides tell me that that is the farthest back we can go and still have everything remain in balance.

Will you join me?

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