Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Greetings from Mt. Shasta!

So much happened that it's unbelievable! I'm just back from the somewhat grandly, but also aptly, named "Ambassador to the Universe" training, held by CSETI, up on Mt. Shasta.

Before we got there, I got the message that if you ask for something with a sincere, open heart, which is in the highest good of all, it can only be granted.

Sunday night, we met at a private house on the side of Mt. Shasta, which the staff had rented for their accommodations. It's an amazing log home, whose 40x20 living room has a 18 foot ceiling, and then we sat outside the house for our stargazing.

Apparently, group cohesion with positive intention draws the star visitors. So on the first night, when the group is still forming, there's not a lot of activity. But not this time! My guess is that at least 40% of the group had been to one or more of these trainings, and including a Bay Area contingent of 8 people who have done group work on our own.

Activity began almost immediately -- 'flashbulbs' going off in the sky, 'shooting stars' that moved up instead of down, 'satellites' that aren't on the satellite charts. 'Satellites' that blink on and off. Mysterious colored lights in the trees in the field on the side of a mountain where there is no electricity. (For more of the basics, see this post from 2007, as well as this, this and this from 2008.)

In addition, I could feel that some beings were doing massive attunements so that the group would interact smoothly with each other and with the beings. Several other people apparently got the same message, because we talked about it.

The sheer volume of activity was overwhelming. Two years ago, you'd wait minutes, sometimes many minutes between sightings. The activity was more constant last year, but nothing like this year, when it was absolutely constant -- something was literally happening every second, and often several things were happening simultaneously.

This year, what was new for me was the activity of the radar detectors. Five people had brought standard car radar detectors, along with battery packs so that they could operate several miles into a National Forest, where there is obviously no electricity -- and no radar. The radar detectors would start to make noise, almost at random (more on that later). Here's the really strange part: while all of them had the same bands, two radar detectors, sitting just a few feet from each other, would go off simultaneously -- on different bands! The only explanation we can come up with is that the star visitors are using them as communication devices, and that different star visitors would use different bands.

And then one night, all of us heard a radar detector with a very distinctive chirp, kind of like the Mexican Hat Dance (de-de-doop, de-de-doop, de-de-doop) coming from the northeast part of our 50 person circle for probably 10 - 20 seconds. But no one in that quadrant of the circle had a radar detector!

Another night, I was facing west, and it looked like the Big Dipper had an extra star in its handle. I stared at it for several minutes, and,, not being an astronomer, it took me a while to realize that there shouldn't be a star where this was. As I was pondering how odd that was, it blinked out! At the next break, I mentioned it in the vicinity of one of the radar detectors, which chirped its assent. Yes, that was a craft!

I saw some pretty cool things in meditation, too:
  • One group of star visitors showed me how they become one being. That one being is the craft they use to travel interdimensionally. They agree on what they're doing, and then they smoosh together, so that all the nervous systems become one nervous system, all the digestive systems become one digestive system, etc. I wish I could describe this better, but honestly, it's so hard to wrap my mind around it that I can't.
  • A star craft that looked like a garlic bulb with an elongated top. I kept hearing a couple of other people talk about seeing (with their exernal sight) a craft that looked like a tear drop, and after a while, I realized that what I was seeing internally was what they were seeing externally. So I asked, and sure enough, their 'tear drop' was much wider at the bottom than a tear drop would be.
  • The garlic bulb shaped craft had these articulated legs, like goose neck lamps, with pod like feet which automatically leveled the craft when it sat on the ground. When I thought about the similarity between this and the Lunar Module, something said, "Where do you think they got the idea for that, anyway?"
  • I went into the garlic-shaped craft in my mind. And found myself in a huge hallway, being greeted by a gentleman who ushered me into a ballroom. What I 'got' from that is that what looks like a small craft on the outside isn't necessarily. These things don't operate by time-space standards that we do. [Others confirmed this for me, as well.] So maybe each of those orbs in the photo at the top is a craft!

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