Saturday, September 06, 2008

About last night...

The triangular craft came back! It must have been a bit farther away, because it was a bit smaller, and also a bit tilted, because the equilateral triangle wasn't quite even. But all the rest was there. This time, it only stayed about a minute or so, but all 45 of us saw it again.

While it was up in the sky, most of us saw a white streak that headed down towards Mt. Shasta.

Shortly after that, someone with night vision goggles announced that he could see lights on Mt. Shasta -- in a place that is above the tree line and much too steep to have anything on it. The group has a video camera with night vision that has a large viewfinder, and many of us crowded around that so we could see what was going on. There were indeed 6 large lights arranged sort of parallel to each other. One towards the middle was taller than the rest. Occasionally, it would shoot out energy sideways along the mountain.

None of this was visible with the naked eye -- you had to have night vision equipment, which reads infrared light. But with that equipment, it was definitely there.

We were all milling about, using various pieces of equipment to see what we could see for about 45 minutes. I'm pretty sure some of our star brothers/sisters were with us, and when I said that, I heard a few assents, one of which came from Steve. And I'm pretty sure I heard someone say telepathically that "they're very primitive! Very sweet, but very primitive." Later, I 'heard' someone wondering why we needed all this equipment. I answered, "Because we can't see everything you can!" somewhat indignantly, and the other being though, "oh...", like that had not occurred to him/her. It was actually kind of funny, and I don't think I'm making it up, because it would never have occurred to me to wonder that.

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Linda Willitts said...

Hi Hollis,

I really enjoyed reading your Mt. Shasta blogs from start to finish just now—it was great to re-live our experiences at Shasta, and also to get your perspective. Your experiences using Steve’s rose quartz ball to attune the ETs to Earth were very interesting, since I only talked with you a little about it at Shasta and didn’t get so much detail. I’m wondering if you received even more information in the dream state the night you took it to bed with you.

Just to let you know how special it was that the huge triangular craft visited us two nights in a row (Sept. 4th and 5th), I’ll tell you the story of how it first appeared to us at Mt. Shasta in September 1999. I don’t remember the exact dates off the top of my head, but it first appeared during a prayer/meditation right at the point where, for the first time out loud, Steve invited the ETs and Celestials to join us in healing the Earth. Right after he said that—still in the meditation—one of our members named Al broke into the meditation and said, “Look up!” We all looked up and there was a huge triangular shape moving majestically across the sky, a bright light at each of its 3 points. It was there for a few minutes before it turned slightly and pointed its lead light into space. That light disappeared, followed in turn by the other 2. Steve signaled it with his laser and it flashed back in response before it completely disappeared. We asked Al how he had first spotted it, and he said that he heard a voice in his head say, “Look up!”

The huge triangle appeared two more nights that week—always at that same point in the meditation when Steve invited the ETs and Celestials to join us in the healing of Earth! Actually, we “got” it the first time—but sure enjoyed the positive reinforcement. It always moved in that same majestic manner. We could see the stars through it (between its 3 bright points), though the stars were slightly obscured by a sort of “heat wave.” The triangle was equilateral and very large—about 2/3 the size of the triangle in the constellation Pegasus.

We saw the triangle again in Pine Bush, NY in early May 2000. It appeared twice in one night because the first time it appeared, we didn’t really get it because there were some clouds partially obscuring it. Then, after it appeared the second time, we realized that it was what we had also seen the first time, but the motion of the clouds had confused us.

At Mt. Shasta in September 2006, we saw 2 points of light (like a needle with a bright light at each end) move across the sky several times, and each time they reminded us of the huge triangle because they moved in that same majestic manner. A member named Raven had made Steve some chocolates that were in the shape of a pyramid with gold foil at the tip. That helped him realize that the triangular craft was really a tetrahedron, and this year we were seeing only the 2 points of it—like the 2 gold foil tips of the pyramid chocolates when their bases were joined together. So, when we saw the triangles in 1999 and 2000, they were really one side of the tetrahedron with lights on the 3 points.

We didn’t see the triangular craft again for 8 years—until July 2, 2008 in Crestone, CO—right after a particularly wonderful meditation. And then we saw it twice at Mt. Shasta: September 4th and 5th! The triangle wasn’t quite as large this time at Mt. Shasta—it was probably farther out in space—and it was also turned a little on its side so it didn’t look completely equilateral, but it moved with the same majesty and had the same feeling as the other times we’ve seen it. I was watching it through my binoculars, and the first night at Mt. Shasta when it disappeared, first the lead light faded out (I think it headed out into space) and then the other two lights went out as the rest of the triangle went out into space. Todd, our videographer, was filming through a Gen3 night vision lens on his camcorder for the first time at Mt. Shasta, so he captured some great video footage of the triangles. Clips will eventually be put on the website (along with clips of other anomalous crafts we saw at Mt. Shasta).

The triangular craft was a highlight of this trip because it is an old friend (and also a very special galactic center—like a huge city traveling through space, and therefore, a great honor that it chose to show itself to us), but every night of our week at Shasta was so full of various displays by the ETs, as well as other spiritual entities, that it was a totally amazing and wonderful experience.

~Linda Willitts