Friday, September 05, 2008

Yes, one person (you!) can save the earth

Every day, we are supposed to meditate in the morning for an hour. I'm not good at sitting still to do that, so a couple of days ago, I went for a walking meditation. In my mind, I sung a mantra pretty much the entire time, walking up a mountain road.

Now, this mantra is really powerful -- it is the one that I use which brings star visitors to heal people's physical ailments.

At one point, my guides directed me out onto some land (with a great view!), and showed me the effects of doing this meditation outside. A counter-clockwise vortex of golden light emanates from this meditation, and helps to heal the earth. So if I do the mantra as I walk, I am healing the earth. As I walked back down the hill, the soles of my feet seemed to have suction cups to the ground. This made it a bit harder to walk, but I could 'see' the trail of golden light behind me.

You can do this, too! Focus on a mantra as you hike.

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