Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our friends followed us home!

When we were at the (somewhat grandly, but also aptly, named) Ambassador to the Universe training, Steve Greer kept telling us to 'take some ETs home' with us, and to try to contact them from home. He emphasized that we don't need him, we can do this ourselves. Though I must say, at home, I don't have 45 pairs of eyes to scan the sky, let alone a night scope. Hell, I don't even have binoculars. I've never seen anything when I've been out with a small local group, either. So although I understood his point, I really wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do it.

On the way home from Mt. Shasta, Kosta and I were talking about what location to use to try to contact our star brothers and sisters. I kept saying that it would be pretty easy to do it from Pacifica, partly because of the coast and the hills and bluffs overlooking it, but also because it would be pretty easy to show them where to go, using our minds. I just thought about showing them San Francisco and then the coast slightly south of it.

It was hot when we got home, so after unloading the car, Kosta and I went for a walk this evening on Linda Mar beach in Pacifica. We were walking north(ish) along the beach at about 7:10PM. It was still broad daylight, and the sun was probably 15 – 25 degrees above the horizon. I saw a bright white light about 15 degrees above the horizon, out over the Pacific, about 25 degrees north of where the sun was sinking.

It occurred to me that this couldn’t be a star (it was in the west, and the sun hadn't set yet), so I asked it to blink off and on to show me that it was really a craft. It waited a while, then slowly blinked out, and then slowly came back on, just as bright and in the same location! It stayed for a while, and then slowly blinked out again. The whole encounter was probably 3 minutes.

We were so excited that we called a friend about half an hour later to tell her, and as we spoke, another appeared! It hung in the darkening western sky for a while, and again, I wasn't sure what it was, so I asked it to blink off and on. It blinked off, slowly. I 'got' that "this materializing and dematerialzing is harder than you think", because i was getting impatient, waiting for it to blink on again.

It did eventually blink on again, though in a slightly more southerly location. It hung there in the sky, bright white. As we watched it, we both saw a second light blink on! Both hung there for a while, and then one began to move to the east. Eventually, that one began to have red blinks, kind of like a terrestrial aircraft, but not quite. It moved across the sky for a while and then disappeared. The other one was still hanging over the Pacific, but eventually, it, too, began to move east, and then to blink.

It had now been 1 1/4 hours since we saw the first UFO, and we got in the car and went home.

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