Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Surprising Reasons to Love Rain

Winter (aka the rainy season) has just begun in northern California, so I though I'd share some unexpected reasons to love rain:

  1. Rain helps you breathe freely - My Dad, the allergist, was fond of pointing out that rain washed pollen out of the air, so asthmatics could breathe better. I'm sure it washes pollution out of the air the same way.
  2. Rain cleanses your aura - All moving water gives off negative ions, and negative ions clean your electromagnetic field, aka your aura.
  3. Rain relaxes you in several ways:
  • Negative ions have been shown to relax people - it's part of why people love being by the ocean or by rivers, and again, rain is moving water, so it's giving off negative ions.
  • The white noise of falling rain relaxes you.
  • Humans have been programmed through history to relax in the rain. Pre-historic hunters couldn't hunt much in the rain -- the game was holed up somewhere trying to stay dry. Traditional farmers couldn't work well in the wet fields when it rained. So we have a lot of history of staying inside our caves, huts or homes when it rains and just hanging out. That would lead our bodies to relax naturally.

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