Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Neuroscience Insights into Culture & Prejudice

As we've known in NLP for a long time, you can change your own automatic reactions:

"The work... also suggests that even though most of our reactions are fast and automatic, we still have free will and control.

"Many of the studies presented here concerned the way we divide people by in-group and out-group categories in as little as 170 milliseconds. The anterior cingulate cortices in American and Chinese brains activate when people see members of their own group endure pain, but they do so at much lower levels when they see members of another group enduring it. These effects may form the basis of prejudice.

"But a study by Saaid A. Mendoza and David M. Amodio of New York University showed that if you give people a strategy, such as reminding them to be racially fair, it is possible to counteract those perceptions."

Op-Ed Columnist - The Young and the Neuro - NYTimes.com

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