Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can you spare 30 seconds to help me out?

I really need your help

For years, people have been asking me for distance learning to support the development of their psychic/intuitive skills. I have wracked my brain for a way to do this -- and finally came up with a solution!

I'm thinking of offering an on-going twice monthly teleclass in intuition/psychic development. In one class per month you'd learn a new technique, or learn from someone with a different specialty (e.g. a medium or a pet psychic). The second class each month would be a group coaching call, where you could ask questions, be coached on technique, and share your 'wins'.

The calls would be recorded in a downloadable format, so that you could listen to a class you missed, or could listen to a particularly useful class multiple times.

You'd also have access to a private group forum for members, so that you can support each other -- intuition development is MUCH more fun, and much faster, with group support. I'd also answer questions applicable to all.

I really value your opinion -- it'll only take about 30 seconds -- so please, please click the link below:


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