Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The News Diet

A couple of weeks ago, my guides insisted I go on a 'news diet'. That is, I needed to avoid the news as much as possible, so that I could create what I choose in my life, and in my world, without allowing 'what is' to tyrannize my vision.

I've done that, with 2 results.

First, I'm much more peaceful. (You should try the news diet!)

Second, I've learned something:

When I 'look' at the future, I always 'see' that things will continue on, much as they've been going, with gradual shifts, rather than huge shocks (with the exception of weather-related ones). Now I understand why. It's because most people don't really follow the news in the (more or less obsessive) way I've been doing since the theft of the 2000 US Presidential election. That means they go along their usual way, assuming things will be the same, and so they continue to act the same, until something like the change in the price of gasoline intrudes. So things do stay more or less the same; change is generally gradual.

Belief creates reality -- expectation is a form of belief, so expectation creates reality. (Oh, right, the Law of Attraction, in mass form.)

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