Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's the difference between being scared & excited?

I made a 1 minute sales presentation this weekend. It's amazing how hard it is do it that fast! Anyway, right before I did it, I checked in with myself, and found that I was right on the line between scared and excited. So I wondered, what's the difference between fear and excitement.

It's very simple --if I have a positive expectation, then I'm excited. If I have a negative one, then I'm scared.

Try it yourself -- right now, think about something that's coming up that could be great -- or not. When you project a great outcome, how do you feel in your body? When you project a negative outcome, how do you feel? And which is the better way to go? Wouldn't you rather project a positive outcome and feel better?

And when you think of the Law of Attraction, which is that what you focus on, expands, wouldn't you rather stay positive? If you attract what you focus on, why wouldn't you focus on the positive?


Becky said...

I just tried this out and noticed that it's more like "performance anxiety" as the negative/fear. I tried it with two things - a musical gig I've got this weekend and a new coaching client. When I'm "in the flow" of what's going on, I feel excitement. When the "inner critic" is standing over me saying "don't mess up", I feel fear-ish.

Carolyn said...

Perfect timing on this, Hollis. At the start of a new romance, I'm in a lot of excitement -- well grounded -- and as more "real world" information comes in about the challenges, I feel fear about how tough this situation could become and what my heart could experience. I appreciate the reminder to stay with the positive vision and project that confidence. And of course pay attention to what is unfolding. Thansk.